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Zanzibar Writers Initiative [ZAWI]

Zanzibar Writers Initiative [ZAWI]

Zanzibar, Tanzania

ZAWI Secretariant met in 30th April 2017 and decided to postpone the Book exhibition, Competition on artistic works and semanrs with workshops to Next Year 2018 in February. This seems to have emerged due to inccapacities to do so where techniccal,human resources, infrastructures where adversely affected from lack of operational funds

January-december 2017 has been chosen by the Executive that ZAWI ought announce itself and make known to both Private and the Public as such the whole of the first quarter Q1 was been spent on creating alliances with development partner linkages and planning to have an Exhibition of Artistic works-poems, Novels, Short stories and painting -all in competition for awardments.

The Secretariant is now collecting and compiling poems as produced by the Maneno group. The poems shall be compiled into a Poem book for auctioning at the coming exhibition as part of ZAWI Fundraising startegy and we hope to lauch of ZAWI  officialy in July 2017.

All interested persons, groups,, organizations and departments, schools, Institutes and Colleges are kindly asked to conatct Mr. Mkombe Tel:+255 772067671 e-mail: zawi2005@gmail.com

ZAWI has been approached by various parties to take up responsibility of Novelisation of KOMBOs JUGGERNAUGHT into a film. if they are any parties opposed to this venturesome activity do please contact the Executive Committee through any of the executives contact and tell us why not? We shall be much happy if there is ample reason to deter our obligation to the effecr. Thank you




Mwalimu Masoud Muhiddin Masoud(Right) the ZAWI Assistant Secretary General who is also Teacher in charge of Fine art for the Children and Haji a fellow Teacher for swimming at Matemwe Coast where Panje project teaches children how to swim. He also attended the 20th year Anniversary of Laureate International School, Zanzibar and would like to share his experiences with you so do be pleased to travel with him along the photograhic journey below. Mw. Masoud has vast experience teaching infants and Primary school children a job he does with a lot of fun, glamore and looks ahead over the childrens good aspirations.

Nugwi Village street sites of the Northern Coast tip of Unguja island in Zanzibar

Zanzibar Old Museaum at Mnazi mmoja

Blackboard work at appreciating artistic skills

Children at their Art work

Boys and girls at their struggle with art work in the artroom

In Art room

Sabrina Zanzibar Child welcomes you on board


In February 2011 ZAWI Secretary General elected as chair of the Nutrition partnership in Zanzibar. In March Zanzibar Writters Initiative got elected onceagain as the Zonal Corodinator being among nine others nationwide. Partnership for Nutrition in Tanzania[PANITA] presently has about 290 CBOs, NGOs at service delivery to Tanzania at upscaling strategy for the country 50million or so people in close colaboaration with SUN movement and EVERONE. The approach is to mobilise a lot of civil society and direct their nutrition promotional efforts via capacity building and advocacy as per the SUN movement. Encouraging the young to take up the profession and mothers to feed their young using breast feeding are among initial progs addresses at ensuring better brains with body strenth for the futurre hence an assurance of a proactive manpower for the nation.


President Obama U.S.A and wife


The toll of malnutrition a challenge to not only Tanzania but world wide


Mohammed Saleh Ali The Secretary General(Founding) Zanzibar Writers Initiative


Kilimanjaro with its summit(Uhuru peak) the highest point in Africa well endowned with capped snow despite its Equitorial Tropical Seasons a sight making it top destination point for tourists and holiday makers.


Members groups of El Doradi pause to Journalists when having nutrition awareness session at their local market