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Zanzibar Writers Initiative

Zanzibar Writers Initiative

Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Advance and Develop the Literary Society and artistic works of writer and author by guiding Them with advice, strategy, Publishment and print their works as part of the Struggle Against poverty, promoting human rights and upscaling Literacy inZanzibar and Diasporas.


Latest Updates
Zanzibar Writers Initiative added a News update.
January-december 2017 has been chosen by the Executive that ZAWI ought announce itself and make known to both Private and the Public as such the whole of the first quarter Q1 was been spent on creating alliances with development partner linkages and planning to have an Exhibition of Artistic works-poems,... Read more
March 12
Zanzibar Writers Initiative updated its Projects page.
Several projects are in the pipeline along poverty alleviation and raising literacy levels of writeers in Zanzibar. of late developments along inculcating a reading culture among elders and the younger genre is progressing fast amidst media developments to which ZAWI appreciates highly both individual and comunal interests to the effect.... Read more
March 12
Zanzibar Writers Initiative added TANZANIA UNION OF LIBERAL PERSONS ORGANIZATION to its list of Partner Organizations.
October 21, 2016
Zanzibar Writers Initiative: As we approach the last quarter of 2016 very little has been done towards the heavily invested zero draft and wonders as to what the Parliament is upto with it so far.
October 21, 2016
Zanzibar Writers Initiative added Zanzibar National Association of the Blind to its list of Partner Organizations.
October 21, 2016
Zanzibar Writers Initiative created a Volunteer page.
The folowing are the general requirements for our volunters:- – 1. Accomodations – 2. Transport to/fro Zanzibar – 3. Working tools like office computers and accessories – 4. Financing activity implementation – Currently(2016/2017) positions avaible as Insructors in the Adult Literacy... Read more
October 21, 2016
Communications, Education, Human rights, Substance abuse, Other (Translation ,transcription and Interpretation)
Zanzibar, Zanzibar West, Tanzania
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