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Zanzibar Writers Initiative [ZAWI]

Zanzibar Writers Initiative [ZAWI]

Zanzibar, Tanzania


Raising literacy levels-here members and leaders of Zanzibar National Association of the Blind (ZANAB)have a crush on Braille education and training


At times mangoes are best nutrition our malnourished children find not only consolation but pleasure at gourmaunding

Overarching Problem is to ensure membership consistency to prioritized plans. often negligence at meetings attendance deters organizational pace and consequently to the point of sending the secretariant berserk at trying Objective get drives.Paths of which often are very hard without membership consultations.

Sources of funding are still not well defined nor reliable.members involvement is depleting with time and this makes proposal writting difficult as are to be done in total  participation.

Weakness at fund mobilization and fundraising efforts. Training to members taking longer than envisaged as a result district branches are not yet well formed apart of having contact persons in the districts(not all). Presently the constitution is being reviewed for a reprint to satisfy the Registrar of Societies who issued the registration number in 2007.Funding programs to the focused communities has hampered efforts at serving especially the lady folk with voluntary members that started sensitizing communal literary needs like translation and transcription of their experiences as mothers in development, even then this challenge was initially overcome by home to home visits but lack of logistical support hindered steady progress.


Literature in Kiswahili is well appreciated in Zanzibar as seen by numerous people reading Swahili books and literary audience is captivated by local Swahili films, music and cultural presentations in weddings, funerals and birthrights where the literary word is utilized at least to a certain extent and taken for granted. ZAWI hopes to encourage and assist develop the KiSwahili use alongside other International Languages especially English. Unfortunately attempts at creating cooperation with concerned universities at Kiswahili developments were well accepted but lacked meaningful follow ups and consequently hampered by development partners having limited funds to integrate ZAWI into research developments i.e Columbia University are developing a KiSwahili dictionary to which initially ZAWI were invited to participate as well as Goggle.com did once mention on possibilities of integrating ZAWI along translation dimensions(before print versions having Swahili transcripts)