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Envaya now makes it easier for you to interact with community initiatives in East Africa.

Below is a list of the organizations on Envaya requesting volunteers.

Note: All volunteer opportunities are submitted and coordinated by the organizations listed below, not by Envaya itself. Envaya does not verify the accuracy of these volunteer opportunities.
July 5
Mwanza Youth and Children Network-MYCN - MYCN is the youth led NGO looking for volunteers who are passionate about youth and children. Volunteers are needed in the following areas of expertise/interest; Sports and/or Culture; Information and Technology (IT); Fundraising, Grant Writing and Resource Mobilization; Project Planning and Management; Media Engagement and/or Marketing;... Read more
July 2
HOPE RELIEF AND ORPHANS VILLAGE - OPPORTUNITY VOLUNTEERS REQUEST You can be part of our community based effort to support most vulnerable children in the villages communities, We use local based approach to mobilize communities connect with the issue, We welcome volunteers from all parts of the world to be part of our community effort to making a difference, ... Read more
July 2
Bright Light Organization - Volunteers mission in Tanzania – It is a mission seek to bring social skills and experience in Tanzania voluntary to reduce social inequality between South and North hemisphere through volunteerism approaches by developing and supporting technical skills and... Read more
June 28
TANZANIA YOUTH +IMPACT GENERATION ORGANIZATION - VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS – Fundamentally, volunteering is about giving your time, energy and skills freely. Unlike many things in life there is choice involved in volunteering. As a volunteer you have made a decision to help on your own accord, free from pressure to... Read more
June 18
HISIA CULTURAL TROUPE - HISIA kinaomba kupata mfanyakazi wa kujitolea ambaye atatusaidia kufanya shughuli za ukatibu muhtasi. Hatuna malipo yoyote kwa kazi hiyo bali mtu huyo atapata faida ya kufundishwa upigaji wa picha za video, picha za mgando na maswala ya Uigizaji wa filamu. – Aidha kama atakuwa amefanya kazi hiyo kwa uaminifu na uadilifu huenda... Read more
June 1
kijogoo group for community development - Kijogoo Group for Community tupo Morogoro mjini,ni Asasi isiyo ya Kiserikali iliyosajiliwa tarehe 08/Jan 2008 na kupewa namba ya usajili 00NGO/0330. – Kwa sasa tuna nafasi moja tu inayohitajika ambayo ni AFISA MIRADI. – AFISA MIRADI:- – Mwombaji wa nafasi hii lazima uwe na Elimu ya kutosha na uwezo wa... Read more
May 25
Arusha Empire Counselling Centre - This tag will be updated later on
May 7
Learn to Serve Community of Tanzania (LESCOTA) - We are currently looking for skilled and qualified volunteers to aid LESCOTA's projects. The placements are at least two weeks in duration, and will require your support out in the field. Building the capacity of the communities we support is at the very core of our placements, and it... Read more
May 7
The Peer Health Educator Group CHAKUNIMU - We welcome and currently looking for volunteers who will be ready to convice their umbrella organization to work with our organization Tanzania, in matters partaining welfare of vunerable children, people living with HIV, health, education, and agriculture. – We are ready to receive volunteers, material, and financial support to... Read more
May 5
Social Mainstreaming for Gender Equality Organization - SMEGO is looking for volunteers from different parts around the world . We need to copperate with people with different qualification with diferrent level of education so that we can help the society to create awareness in Gender issues and Development as well for better achievements of people in rural and urbani areas. – SMGEO is... Read more