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Zanzibar Writers Initiative [ZAWI]

Zanzibar Writers Initiative [ZAWI]

Zanzibar, Tanzania

January-december 2017 has been chosen by the Executive that ZAWI ought announce itself and make known to both Private and the Public as such the whole of the first quarter Q1 was been spent on creating alliances with development partner linkages and planning to have an Exhibition of Artistic works-poems, Novels, Short stories and painting -all in competition for awardments.

The Secretariant is now collecting and compiling poems as produced by the Maneno group. The poems shall be compiled into a Poem book for auctioning at the coming exhibition as part of ZAWI Fundraising startegy and we hope to lauch of ZAWI  officialy in July 2017.

All interested persons, groups,, organizations and departments, schools, Institutes and Colleges are kindly asked to conatct Mr. Mkombe Tel:+255 772067671 e-mail: zawi2005@gmail.com

March 12, 2017
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Also you can contact Mr. Masoud Muhiddin Masoudi tel no: +255 776030257
Mr. Masoud has been kind enough organizing school children in primaries school fine art competion. he hopes various seminars and traning workshops can be carried out with mix of various levels of artists together and later having respective levela produce recommendations for further improvement and organizational advancements.
March 12, 2017
The secretariante learn't that a total of 42 books will be showcased. These books are all writtenby members as they were awaiting outcomes of the registartion application. A ptocess that took from 2007 until registration day on 27th May 2017. The main offices are in Vikokotoni Shehia.Currently do see masoud at hisplace[Maftah's] t okeep abreast developments
March 12, 2017

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