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Zanzibar Writers Initiative [ZAWI]

Zanzibar Writers Initiative [ZAWI]

Zanzibar, Tanzania

In February 2011 ZAWI Secretary General elected as chair of the Nutrition partnership in Zanzibar. In March Zanzibar Writters Initiative got elected onceagain as the Zonal Corodinator being among nine others nationwide. Partnership for Nutrition in Tanzania[PANITA] presently has about 290 CBOs, NGOs at service delivery to Tanzania at upscaling strategy for the country 50million or so people in close colaboaration with SUN movement and EVERONE. The approach is to mobilise a lot of civil society and direct their nutrition promotional efforts via capacity building and advocacy as per the SUN movement. Encouraging the young to take up the profession and mothers to feed their young using breast feeding are among initial progs addresses at ensuring better brains with body strenth for the futurre hence an assurance of a proactive manpower for the nation.

April 8, 2013
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