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Zanzibar Writers Initiative [ZAWI]

Zanzibar Writers Initiative [ZAWI]

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Several projects are in the pipeline along poverty alleviation and raising literacy levels of writeers in Zanzibar. of late developments along inculcating a reading culture among  elders and the younger genre is progressing fast amidst media developments to which ZAWI appreciates highly both individual and comunal interests to the effect.

Poverty alleviation without respecting Human rights is like building a house without foundation as such attributes to have human rights compliancce in all planning is much advocated and lobbied for.Currently members involve themselves voluntarily in the following activities:-

  1. Mobilise for membership
  2. Orientate Membership to Organizational ways and skills
  3. Inculcate Organizational and Leadership skills to the leadership
  4. Coordinate and coorporate with writers in Tanzania
  5. Participate in Forums, Festivals and Conferences aiming at networking for experience get and exchanges
  6. Initiate Establishing and formalizing Zanzibar Book Center(ZABOC) by 2011This activity delayed as ZAWI was in  the process of registration. It took six years . Now ZAWI being registered on 27th May 2015 ZABOC is reviving with Planning review and soon hopes to continue initiatives at establishing the Center
  7. Teach Languages(Swahili, English, French and Arabic)
  8. Train Translators and Interpreters at Documentation techniques
  9. Encourage public lectures,debates and collecting views and opinions on writers and writings

10. To seek scholarships(short and long courses) to young authors

11. Capacitise all district branches with appropriate writting tools

12. Developing an Organizational Management Information System

13. Assist and advise writers and artists on copyright methodologies

14. Impart human rights to organisation members and some stakeholder representatives

15. Sensitise on poverty and Alleviation measures on Poverty lines.

16. School Literacy Program- showcasing cinema to primary Schools- contact person- Masoud

      Muhiddin Masoud

17. Zanzibar Writers Symposium- contact person is Mohammed Saleh Ali

January-december 2017 has marked a yaer that ZAWI ought announce itself and make known to both Private and the Public as such theh whole of the first quarter as been spent on creating alliances with development partner linkages and planning to have an Exhibition of Artistic works-poems, Novels, Short stories and painting -all in competition for awardments.

The Secretariant is now collecting and compiling poems as produced by the Maneno group. The poems shall be compiled in a Poem book for auctioning at the coming exhibition and lauching of ZAWI in July.