Envaya imekurahisishia kushirikiana na asasi zilizopo katika ukanda wa Afrika ya Mashariki.

Chini ni orodha ya asasi zinazohitaji watu wa kujitolea.

Kumbuka: Nafasi zote za kujitolea zinawekwa na kuratibiwa na asasi zilizoorodheshwa hapo chini, na siyo Envaya. Envaya haihusiki na chochote kuhusiana na nafasi hizi za kujitolea zitakazo tangazwa na asasi.
siku 6 zilizopita
JUMUIYA YA TAWWABIINA - Juyata is one omoung the NGO,s dealling with youths who have being affected with drugs abuse. So it need experts who can help on improving the aim on this organization.
28 Januari
MTOTO KWANZA - please click here for the volunteers opportunities...
26 Januari
HOPE RELIEF AND ORPHANS VILLAGE - WELCOME TO THE HOPE RELIEF AND ORPHANS VILLAGE ORGANISATION. VOLUNTEER WELCOME TO SUPPORT US We are asking if you can make a pledge by donating financially materially or can donate any amount at our account you can make a deposit,also you can make a direct depost at the bank.if you can't donating materially with things such... Soma zaidi
23 Januari
EL-GIBBOR FOUNDATION - Anyone who would like to come and volunteer in our organization is more welcomed. Whether you are skilled or not but if you have the heart for children, you are warmly welcomed. And if you have any skill on health and nutrition, environment and counseling, you will become blessings in our organization. – You can apply for two weeks,... Soma zaidi
16 Januari
Learn to Serve Community of Tanzania (LESCOTA) - Education program – Volunteers are placed to exciting community schools or public schools which need of new volunteers to... Soma zaidi
12 Januari
UIGIZAJI NA NGOMA ZA ASILI - Placement length will range from three week to two years.Our volunteering sectors including awareness raising, advocating for positive change, poverty reduction, Teaching and Education , running projects that range from leading Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS education programs to Environment conservation. ... Soma zaidi
4 Januari
KARAGWE RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION AGENCY(KARUDECA) - We welcome volunteers who have technical expertise in Proposal Development,Community Based Rehabilitation(CBR) and Microfinance. – Area of work is Karagwe Tanzania,East Africa. – Working days are Monday to Friday for a period of at least six months. – Contact: – Steven Revelian -Chief Executive... Soma zaidi
3 Januari
Morogoro Eldrely People`s Organization (MOREPEO) - VOLUNTEER IN MOREPEO – We are looking for skilled people with a desire to work with our organization from all over the world for:- – ü One month – ü Three months – ü Six Months, and – ü one year. – You can volunteer with us from anywhere in the world to:... Soma zaidi
28 Desemba, 2015
TANZANIA UNION OF LIBERAL PERSONS ORGANIZATION - In order to have adequate resource mobilisation TULIPO has made a call for Volunteers that can assist with Organisation Development affairs as well as Fund raising mobilisation to enhace advocacy and lobbying activities. – Institututions, Groups and individuals willing to partner with TULIPO in this effort... Soma zaidi
27 Desemba, 2015
Youth Initiative Foundation - Youth Initiative Foundation is based on volunteerism, every thing that this organization is doing is based on volunteerism. As you can see above pictures youth are participating in maintenance of their own playing groung also acquiring knowledge on first aid workshop. Soma zaidi