Envaya imekurahisishia kushirikiana na asasi zilizopo katika ukanda wa Afrika ya Mashariki.

Chini ni orodha ya asasi zinazohitaji watu wa kujitolea.

Kumbuka: Nafasi zote za kujitolea zinawekwa na kuratibiwa na asasi zilizoorodheshwa hapo chini, na siyo Envaya. Envaya haihusiki na chochote kuhusiana na nafasi hizi za kujitolea zitakazo tangazwa na asasi.
siku 4 zilizopita
Participatory Rural Transformation - The organization invite volunteers to take part in different project activities. Whoever wishes to work with us should abide with the organization policy and regulations, he/she must sign the declaration of child protection. Currently, the project Coordinator invite volunteers in the following area: children and Youth councellor,... Soma zaidi
26 Novemba
RISE NEW VISION - Volunteerilism is the main key motto of Rise New Vision, we work as volunteer in our community, By doing so we encourage and to invite people in and out of Tanzania to come to volunteer at Rise New Vision (NGO) – What we offer for our volunteers – (1) To make sure he/she get good acomodation during the volunteering... Soma zaidi
24 Novemba
FURAHA DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (FDF) - Furaha Is small volunteer organization providing technical,education and hands on volunteer support to granss-roots community projects on the Zanzibar,Tanzania, Welcom all students from different universities and colleges of the world who has interest to working with us and has experience of our programmes bellow. – It was... Soma zaidi
10 Novemba
Safety Awareness Initiative in Tanzania (SAIT) - we are searching for volunteers from different part of the world "if you are" send application letter and cv to our email
10 Novemba
Bright Light Organization - Volunteers mission in Tanzania – It is a mission seek to bring social skills and experience in Tanzania voluntary to reduce social inequality between South and North hemisphere through volunteerism approaches by developing and supporting technical skills and... Soma zaidi
1 Novemba
Saidia Wazee Karagwe - SAWAKA is a local civil society organisation legally registered working in Northern part of Tanzania.Since its inception way back in 1995, SAWAKA works to strive to see a community without age discrimination, protects and respect older people especially older women, and other vulnerable groups including orphaned... Soma zaidi
24 Oktoba
Africa Upendo Group - Africa Upendo Group: We invite volunteers from all over the world with all type of experties – Work Area:Youth,Women.Children,Elders,Disabled.
21 Oktoba
Zanzibar Writers Initiative - The folowing are the general requirements for our volunters:- – 1. Accomodations – 2. Transport to/fro Zanzibar – 3. Working tools like office computers and accessories – 4. Financing activity implementation – Currently(2016/2017) positions avaible as Insructors in the Adult Literacy... Soma zaidi
21 Oktoba
Victoria Theatre Group - Victoria Theatre Group welcomes volunteers from all over the world(local and international volunteers). The programms for volunteer will be built based on the volunteer interests within the organizations projects. – For further information contact: – The Chairman, – Victoria... Soma zaidi
21 Oktoba
Muungano wa Wajasiriamali Migombani(MUWAMI) - MUWAMI are wamly welcomes volunteers from all over the world to join us for any interested projects implemented with the group. KARIBU SANA!!!! – For further information contact: – The Chairman, ... Soma zaidi