Envaya imekurahisishia kushirikiana na asasi zilizopo katika ukanda wa Afrika ya Mashariki.

Chini ni orodha ya asasi zinazohitaji watu wa kujitolea.

Kumbuka: Nafasi zote za kujitolea zinawekwa na kuratibiwa na asasi zilizoorodheshwa hapo chini, na siyo Envaya. Envaya haihusiki na chochote kuhusiana na nafasi hizi za kujitolea zitakazo tangazwa na asasi.
11 Septemba
MUUNGANO WA VIKUNDI NAKOMBO - Partiners and Volunteers opportunity: – We are currently inviting volunters' applications in the following areas:- – Agriculture and Food Security Water and Sanitation, Economic Growth and Trade Health... Soma zaidi
29 Agosti
seedoplan - youth support – hello, seedo is welcoming experts in agricultural activities, people with knownlodge of accountants as well as who can write good proposal who will volunteer themselves. we are located karagwe kagera tanzania, working days are monday to friday from 800 to 1700. ... Soma zaidi
5 Agosti
The Organization for Rural Self-Help Initiatives - Come and Volunteer with Us!! – Without the generosity of our volunteers, we could simply not carry on. If you can spare the time, we’d love for you to get involved and become part of the Organization for Rural Self-Help Initiatives family. There are many ways you can volunteer…and... Soma zaidi
15 Julai
Bright Light Organization - Volunteers mission in Tanzania – It is a mission seek to bring social skills and experience in Tanzania voluntary to reduce social inequality between South and North hemisphere through volunteerism approaches by developing and supporting technical skills and... Soma zaidi
1 Juni
Musoma Municipal Paralegal Organization - Musoma Municipal Paralegal Organization(MMPO) runs a flexible volunteer program with responsibilities/assignments built around the specific interests of the prospective volunteer. Placements available include: – Human rights programs Women and Youth empowerment programs for economic sustainability and... Soma zaidi
27 Aprili
Tanzania Environmental, Health and Disability Services Organization - TEHDSO runs a flexible volunteer intern program with assignments built around the specific interests of the prospective volunteer. Placements available include: – Health programs – Environmental conservation through tree planting campaign (tree nursery raising... Soma zaidi
24 Aprili
The Global Adventure Safaris - Volunteer Abroad, Health Care, Education, HIV and many other ProgramsWhere: Tanzania: Arusha, Tanzania – When: Academic Year, Fall Semester, MayMester... Soma zaidi
11 Aprili
Learn to Serve Community of Tanzania (LESCOTA) - VOLUNTEER IN TANZANIA – Children are the future of Africa – help them reach their full potential. LESCOTA is working with community partiners in a... Soma zaidi
28 Machi
Tanzania Journalists Alliance (TAJOA) - Volunteer Information PackFundraising & CommunicationsVolunteer Job DescriptionMain Tasks – Tasks will vary according to need but are likely to include: – • Donor and funding research – •... Soma zaidi
11 Machi
Morogoro Eldrely People`s Organization (MOREPEO) - VOLUNTEER IN MOREPEO – We are looking for skilled people with a desire to work with our organization from all over the world for:- – 1. One month – 2. Three months – 3. Six Months, – 4. one year. – 5. Two years, and – 6. Three years. – You can... Soma zaidi