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Envaya now makes it easier for you to interact with community initiatives in East Africa.

Uru ni urutonde rw'ibigo byifuza abakorera bushake.

Icyo kwitondera: Ibikorwa by'ubukorerabushake byose bifatwa mu nshingano n'ibigo, Envaya nta ruhare ibigiramo. Envaya kandi ntigenzura amatangazo y'ubukorerabushake.
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Social Mainstreaming for Gender Equality Organization - SMEGO is looking for volunteers from different parts around the world . We need to copperate with people with different qualification with diferrent level of education so that we can help the society to create awareness in Gender issues and Development as well for better achievements of people in rural and urbani areas. – SMGEO is... Soma ibindi
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Participatory Rural Transformation - The organization invite volunteers to take part in different project activities. Whoever wishes to work with us should abide with the organization policy and sign the declaration of child protection. Currently, the project Director invite volunteers in the following area: Teaching, proposal development, vocation skills tutor... Soma ibindi
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The Peer Health Educator Group CHAKUNIMU - WE welcome and currently looking for volunteers who will be ready to convice their umbrella organization to work with our organizationTanzania, in matters partaining walfare of most vunerable children and endured in working in remote areas. – we are ready to receive material and financial support to run our projects. We do not care... Soma ibindi
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THE WINAMWANGA CULTURAL HERITAGE ASSOCIATIN - Kubolesha hali ya maisha ya jamii kwa kuongeza kipato cha wanajamii na kuimarisha mazingira yao. – SHUGHULI ZA ASASI NI KAMA IFUTAVYO, – (a) Kuhamasisha na kuendereza uundaji wa vikundi vipya. ... Soma ibindi
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JUMUIYA YA TAWWABIINA - Juyata is one omoung the NGO,s dealling with youths who have being affected with drugs abuse. So it need experts who can help on improving the aim on this organization.
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MTOTO KWANZA - please click here for the volunteers opportunities...
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HOPE RELIEF AND ORPHANS VILLAGE - WELCOME TO THE HOPE RELIEF AND ORPHANS VILLAGE ORGANISATION. VOLUNTEER WELCOME TO SUPPORT US We are asking if you can make a pledge by donating financially materially or can donate any amount at our account you can make a deposit,also you can make a direct depost at the bank.if you can't donating materially with things such... Soma ibindi
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EL-GIBBOR FOUNDATION - Anyone who would like to come and volunteer in our organization is more welcomed. Whether you are skilled or not but if you have the heart for children, you are warmly welcomed. And if you have any skill on health and nutrition, environment and counseling, you will become blessings in our organization. – You can apply for two weeks,... Soma ibindi
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Learn to Serve Community of Tanzania (LESCOTA) - Education program – Volunteers are placed to exciting community schools or public schools which need of new volunteers to... Soma ibindi
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UIGIZAJI NA NGOMA ZA ASILI - Placement length will range from three week to two years.Our volunteering sectors including awareness raising, advocating for positive change, poverty reduction, Teaching and Education , running projects that range from leading Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS education programs to Environment conservation. ... Soma ibindi