Korana natwe

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Uru ni urutonde rw'ibigo byifuza abakorera bushake.

Icyo kwitondera: Ibikorwa by'ubukorerabushake byose bifatwa mu nshingano n'ibigo, Envaya nta ruhare ibigiramo. Envaya kandi ntigenzura amatangazo y'ubukorerabushake.
27 Ukwakira
Mohispac Foundation - VOLUNTEERS OPPORTUNITIES WE HAVEONLINE VOLUNTEERS – Mohispac Foundation is seeking for online volunteer to help us in – fundraising,grant making,advertise our projects proposal,events and – news to social media and link us with potential individual donor/ – organizations.The... Soma ibindi
17 Ukwakira
KARAGWE RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION AGENCY(KARUDECA) - we welcome volunteers who hace technical expertise in Propsal Development,CBR,MICROFIMANCE and PHISIOTHERAPY. – Area of work is Karagwe Tanzania – working days are Monday to Friday for a period of at least six months. – Contact: – Steven Revelina CEO ... Soma ibindi
12 Ukwakira
TANZANIA UNION OF LIBERAL PERSONS ORGANIZATION - In order to have adequate resource mobilisation TULIPO has made a call for Volunteers that can assist with Organisation Development affairs as well as Fund raising mobilisation to enhace advocacy and lobbying activities. – Institututions, Groups and individuals willing to partner with TULIPO in this effort... Soma ibindi
21 Nzeli
Christian Education and Development Organization - The need of volunteers in the activities of the organization. – Christian Education and Development Organization (CEDO) is currently accepting volunteers application who can get involved in any of the... Soma ibindi
22 Kanama
HumanCare Organization - Looking for a career with HumanCare? – Working as intern, Volunteer or employee at HumanCare is so much more than just a job. As HumanCare intern or Volunteer, you will join a team of professionals that is part of the Youth committed team with hospitality, creativity and innovative... Soma ibindi
27 Nyakanga
Manyara Training Institute - Manyara Training Institute would like to invite volunteers in agriculture and livestock and mechanical engineering in motor vehicle mechanics training
24 Nyakanga
Bhanakiya environmental conservation organazation - We are looking for volunteers in trees nursery, bee hive, Fish ponds, poultry and project management officer. Basic requirements are diploma and Degree in related field. We are located in Mwanza. Working days are Monday through Saturday. Contact person phone number is +255754302018
16 Nyakanga
AFRI-TANZANIA VOLUNTEERS FOR CHANGE - Placement length will range from three week to two years.Our volunteering sectors including awareness raising, advocating for positive change, poverty reduction, Teaching and Education , running projects that range from leading Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS education programs to Environment conservation. ... Soma ibindi
14 Nyakanga
Fancy Foundation Limited (FAFOLI) - Our Volunteers – Efrasia Kapinga Samwel Evance Peter Sephen Manka Enos Subira Khatibu Berinda Addo
2 Nyakanga
GAPRO Consult & insurance Agency - We accept Volunteers with the following skills: – 1. Project Planning – 2. Community Development – 3. Strategic Planing – time for work 15 hours per week – Contact: – Gamaliel Mbalase –