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Envaya now makes it easier for you to interact with community initiatives in East Africa.

Uru ni urutonde rw'ibigo byifuza abakorera bushake.

Icyo kwitondera: Ibikorwa by'ubukorerabushake byose bifatwa mu nshingano n'ibigo, Envaya nta ruhare ibigiramo. Envaya kandi ntigenzura amatangazo y'ubukorerabushake.
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HumanCare Organization - HumanCare Organization is looking for Volunteers who can work with HumanCare staff in the following areas – 1. Education : Volunteer who can teach vulnerable children in their centers and volunteer who can teach in schools with scarcity of teachers especially science subject and English Language. Education program also involve... Soma ibindi
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GAPRO Consult & insurance Agency - We accept Volunteers with the following skills: – 1. Project Planning – 2. Community Development – 3. Strategic Planing – time for work 15 hours per week – Contact: – Gamaliel Mbalase –
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Community Change Foundation - CCF runs a flexible volunteer intern program with assignments built around the specific interests of the prospective volunteer. Placements available include: – 1. SOCIAL SERVICESOrphans support and Vulnerable Children. Through Okoa Yatima Project... Soma ibindi
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PRETTY DEVELOPMENT FOR POVERTY REDUCTION (PDPR) - JOING "WING OF CHANGES CAMPAIGN" TO VOLUNTEER AT YOUR HOME.WING OF CHANGES is a unique and well designed INITIATIVE ruined by Pretty Development for Poverty Reduction (PDPR) organization of Tanzania in... Soma ibindi
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IDAHINA STUDENTS ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB - The secondary management team aims to seek support and work with any NGO, individual people and other stake holders contribute their valuable idea and fund to create learning environment through provision of food for Girls Hostel. Despite the overall drop is high at school, for girls are alarming. This is the... Soma ibindi
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AMANI DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION - Mwashabani Massimike – Samwel Robert – Rebecca Kipara – Tabitha Kessi
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fancy Foundation Limited (FAFOLI) - We have Objective that leads us to work in the community. – Sensitize youth and women on sexual reproductive health and family planning. Train health worker on sexual reproductive health needs of people with disability. Poverty alleviation between the communities by... Soma ibindi
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HOPE RELIEF AND ORPHANS VILLAGE - WELCOME TO THE HOPE RELIEF AND ORPHANS VILLAGE CHILDREN IN TANZANIA. – volunteers are invited to support the orphans children at our organizanition and women projects for poverty alleviation no spoecial skills required for the work our organization. – we work five days a week such as teaching, cooking... Soma ibindi
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CHILDREN GUARANTEE(NGO) - Volunteers are well come in Children Guarantee NGO: A Free Guide – Posted on June 1, 2015 by George... Soma ibindi
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BAHEBE ENVIRONMENTAL DEVELOPMENT - The vacancies is available to join a wonderfully team and to enjoy the fantastic Envirronmental in Lake Victoria,Tourism tours events in Sites visits as well as perticipations in events. – Apart from that we seek Volunteer to link us in other Organizations so as to perticipate in Environmental.Tourism,Cooperations,Exchange Volunteer... Soma ibindi