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Envaya now makes it easier for you to interact with community initiatives in East Africa.

Uru ni urutonde rw'ibigo byifuza abakorera bushake.

Icyo kwitondera: Ibikorwa by'ubukorerabushake byose bifatwa mu nshingano n'ibigo, Envaya nta ruhare ibigiramo. Envaya kandi ntigenzura amatangazo y'ubukorerabushake.
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MARAFIKI WA ELIMU MBEYA(Mbeya Friends of Education) - Currently we don't have volunteer cancancies until our finacial positiaon is well defined !
13 Kanama
Love Children and Youth Foundation - Volunteer with usYou don't have to give money to donate to Love Children and Youth... Soma ibindi
13 Kanama
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PRETTY DEVELOPMENT FOR POVERTY REDUCTION (PDPR) - We receive volunteers from January to Decembe,1) We need volunteers for creating HIV/AIDS,reproductive health, Drug abuse and STD'S awareness to primary and secondary school students and rural youth at Mtwango,Igima and Utengule area. volunteers will work together with local community... Soma ibindi
8 Kanama
ASASI YA KUHIFADHI MAZINGIRA KIMANG'A ( AKUMAKI ) - AKUMAKI encourage a volunteerism spirit to both local and international volunteers as one of our objectives. We are threfore providing chance to the volunteers to come and work in our organization in relation to the nature of the conducted projects – For more information about volunteering in our organization,... Soma ibindi
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UNIVERSAL MINISTRY OF AFRICA(UMOA-TRUST) - VOLUNTEERING POSTS – Volunteers are placed to exciting community schools or public schools which need of new volunteers to work in their schools and other community activities. Many of our schools we... Soma ibindi
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Learn to Serve Community of Tanzania (LESCOTA) - Education program – Volunteers are placed to exciting community schools or public schools which need of new volunteers to... Soma ibindi
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Tanzania Albino Unity(TAU) - Tanzania albino unity(TAU) is in need of volunteer and experts who can collaboate with our organisation to fundraise for our poultry keeping project.We invite anyone who can volunteer, regadless of colour,tribe, religion or status. – The poultry keeping project serves the best in creating self employment for... Soma ibindi
29 Nyakanga
The Global Adventure Safaris - Volunteer Abroad, Health Care, Education, HIV and many other Programs Where: Tanzania: Arusha, Tanzania – When: Academic Year,... Soma ibindi