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Christian Education and Development Organization

Christian Education and Development Organization

Nzega District, Tabora Region Tanzania

The need of volunteers in the activities of the organization.


Christian Education and Development Organization (CEDO)   is currently accepting volunteers application who can get involved in any of the organization activities, and they can get involved in community services.

Due to the lack of jobs for young people, many young people have been coming from rural to urban areas to seek relief of life, as a result many of the girls found them to be victims, by getting pregnant and being unable to afford the cost of living.

So we need to help young people aged 18-45, in the areas of economic empowerment, agricuture/irrigation, Education, Computer sciency, etc.

Anyone who have new innovation idea, or like to volunteer our works is welcomed. We need to do a joint venture with other development organizations, individuals donors or companies.

Volunteers from abroad will be required to obtain residence permits in accordance with the country's procedures.

Volunteers will be working between the mainland area, in the following regions, Tabora, Kigoma, Shinyanga na Mwanza. Anyone is welcome to volunteer to our Organization activity by sending application letter.

Contact us by email cedsorg@yahoo.com, or phone +255 621 109 502