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Musoma Municipal Paralegal Organization

Musoma Municipal Paralegal Organization

Musoma, Tanzania

Musoma Municipal Paralegal Organization (MMPO) runs a flexible volunteer program with responsibilities/assignments built around the specific interests of the prospective volunteer.  Placements available include:

  1. Human rights programs
  2. Women and Youth empowerment programs for economic sustainability and self-reliance.
  3. Environmental conservation programs
  4. Programs for the disabled people
  5. Education programs through vocational training and job creation programs.        


MMPO volunteer programs are hands-on learning experiences that vary in length. We encourage volunteers to stay for at least three weeks, but volunteers are welcome to sign up for any length of time. Long-term stays of over six months/one year are welcomed. Many volunteers combine their stay with time spent doing more traditional tourist activities elsewhere in Tanzania - such as safaris, climbing and beach holidays. No matter how long you decide to volunteer, you will have a remarkable experience and will gain a firsthand understanding of how Tanzanians live their daily lives.

There are many ways in which our volunteers choose to spend their time and contribute towards MMPO. Most volunteers spend a proportion of their time with planning activities, outings and projects. Whilst specific job roles and activities are flexible, according to your talents and preferences and MMPO needs, volunteers often adopt one of the following job roles during their stay with us.

In practice, each volunteer brings their own skills, interests and experience, and can offer their own personal contribution and fresh ideas. It is ultimately up to the volunteer to decide what they would like to do for MMPO, and most end up having multiple roles and projects. Volunteers are welcome at any time of our projects.


Most of your volunteer work will be conducted during the day (Monday - Friday) and volunteers are encouraged to explore Tanzania and its nightlife during the evening and weekends.  

Musoma is another starting point for visiting many of Tanzania's national parks and volunteers can easily arrange   safaris to famous parks such as the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater as well as many others. 

While you are in Musoma, you may also want to visit the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere (Tanzania’s first president) Museum on the outskirts of Musoma town where you can observe local dances and customs, or participate in Cultural Tourism programs that provide a unique look at village life.


MMPO has the ability to create a customized volunteer program that matches your interests, skills and time. Volunteers are responsible for obtaining a return ticket, health insurance and the appropriate visa before their departure to Tanzania.

 If you are interested to volunteer with us, please make contact by stating:

  1. Your age and Interests,
  2. A resume of your relevant education and experience,
  3. A description of the types of projects that interest you, and
  4. The time estimates that you would be available. 


No program fees will be charged to you; however we encourage you to be creative and innovative for the project to be successful.

We also remind you to raise funds through your community, friends, family, place of work or local religious establishments to cover your own expenses during your stay.

For further information contact:-

Executive Director,

Musoma Municipal Paralegal Organization

P.O. Box 194, Musoma, Mara


Mobile Tel: +255714859545

E-mail: paralegalurban@gmail.com


Or visit our Offices at:

Kitaji Social Welfare Building,

Kitaji C Street,

Musoma - Mara,