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Century Poverty Alleviation Forum (CEPAF)

Century Poverty Alleviation Forum (CEPAF)

Municipal, Tanzania


The foundation for Civil Society has released 4,975,000.00 into CEPAF account. The funds will be used to implement the project on Village Land Act No. 5. of 1999 (RE: 2002). The project in question will commence on 22/12/2010 involving four Villages of Mvuha Ward in Morogoro Rural. More information will be provided in short while.



CEPAF Chirman meet a lady who was burned by fire some times ago. The lady was cooking food for her family, as she was cooking she felt dizy and fall on fyling pain with hot oir, she was badly injured.

In the process of her healing her right hand is bent and can not go straight, in her condition she needs to under go serious operation. Due to her economic situation she can not afford the expenses of such operation. As an organisation we fill that, this condition can cause her to be dependant as the can not perfon any serious work to give her earn of living. She needs our help, lets come together and become a solution to her. Call our office please.


CEPAF officials, FCS officials and Beneficiary of Village Land Act of 1999 (RE: 2002) project from Mvuha in a collective picture soon after the completion of OCA program at CEPAF head office.


FCS officials visited CEPAF head office in morogoro for OCA program. In the event CEPAF leaders and beneficary for the project on Village Land Act of 1999 (RE: 2002) to be conducte at Mvuha Ward were interviewed. The programms took about two working days from 16th - 17th September, 2010. In the programms several points were laid out and discussed, some important questions were directed to the beneficiary, the intention was to see as to wether CEPAF official were involving the beneficiary in the project.

In the crossing remarks CEPAF chairman Mr. Francis Epimack Mbago thanked FCS official for visiting the organisation in OCA programm and for the hard work FCS is doing to funding various projects in Tanzania and their commitment to building capacity of CBOs and NGOs in Tanzania.


Chairman of The Board speaking to the villagers of Mikese division on the opening of training on Village Land Act, through performing theater.
It is easier to train less educated communities on important issues through performing arts. This was evident when implementing a project on village land act which was prepared by Chema Development Organization in partnership with CEPAF as a facilitating Organization. The project was made possible by The Foundation For Civil Society who provided the funds
Managing Directors's Word

We Youth, this is our time to participate in the change of our country

By Kusenha, Nicodemus Sospeter
I always remember Bill Cosby when he said “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” This statement has always reminded me of what’s best for me in this universe.

Few years ago I was wondering if I real can bring about positive change in the society I live in. I felt like an empty bowl falling from heaven. Nothing will be brought by this bowl but mere noise when it hits the ground. I was wrong. I did not know that it is not noise alone which will be caused by the fall of this bowl but the ground will be damaged and above all the noise will awake sleeping people. I took another path.

Now, I am not the same, what I now think about is how can I make people do what’s best for their society. To me this is the change I always wish to achieve. It is a goal that keeps me survive.

My fellow Tanzanians, we can not blame anyone for undesirable life we are living. The blame is ours. We in offices; who do not do what’s best for our country and we in the streets; who do not push those in office to do what they are supposed to do. As youth of Tanzania, we can make a great change in our country; the change that we desire; the change that our children will cherish; the change that every one is ready for. We are the actors. Brothers and sisters it is time to change.

1215 was a remarkable year in the history of England. It is the year of Magna Carta. The powers of the King were reduced and people started to exercise their liberty and freedom. It was not easy for them but what they achieved was the result of the desire for change and prosperity. This is Magna Carta we speak of today as the source of democracy in England and very important document which marked the potential beginning of civil liberties in the world.

The desire for change did not end there, it continued all over the European continent. This desire brought about struggle by many civilians to achieve development in the enjoyment of civil liberties in their countries. The struggles yielded fruits in 17th to 18th centuries when philosophers of enlightenment argued that self is a natural right of every person and that the governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.

However, the fruits yielded were not enjoyed by every individual. In some countries like USA women were not allowed to vote until recent years. In some other countries literacy was among the criteria for eligibility to vote or participate in public affairs. Today we speak of the world free of these non sense save for prohibition of voting for some convict of certain offences.

In our country, participation in public affairs is a constitutional right. This right constitutes the right to elect and be elected to hold various elective posts. The citizens enjoy this right irrespective of their gender, sex, color, literacy level or economic position.

Three month to come we will be called upon to exercise this constitutional right. We youth of Tanzania, this is our time. Let us participate to bring the change in our society. It is time for us to participate actively in public affairs by holding public posts. It is time to educate those who do not understand this right and its benefits to their life. It is time to scrutiny who are the good leaders for the brighter destiny of our country. It is time to vote.

For sometimes now since independence our country has been a victim of corruption and malpractices by the leaders. Un luckily enough majority of the Tanzanians who are living in extreme poverty are the most affected, but luckily enough these Tanzanian are the voters. This means they are the ones to change this situation. However, most of them do not know that they have the power to change everything for the betterment of their country.

I may not be among those who live in extreme poverty, but my fellow Tanzanians do. My father and my mother do, my brothers and sisters do, my friends do, but above all my grandfather and grandmother at Twatwatwa do. I feel deep inside my heart that its time to let you know that the power is yours. It is your power but also your right.

I may be seen as an old fashioned guy by appealing to you to exercise this important right, but the truth is non-exercise of this right result into poor and undesirable destiny of our country. Think of William Jennings saying; “Destiny is not the matter of chance, it is the matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”

If we really recognize the need for a bright destiny for our country, this is the time. I know that there are some people who believe that their single vote is nothing in the world of unfair elections. This belief must be vanished. These people forget that a hundred begins with one. How many people believe in this dangerous phenomenon for the future of this country? What if the whole society will be infected by this syndrome? Trust me we will lose the country.

Once again I quote William Jennings as he says; “My place in the history will depend on what I can do for the people and not on what the people can do for me.” Let us have the same thoughts. Let this thought be reflected in what we do in our everyday life.

We don’t need to be persuaded by too strong verses of the Bible to believe that Jonas was swallowed by the Whale and stayed in its stomach for some time when he tried to escape the task given to him by God. Why is it hard for us to believe that the destiny of our country is in our hands? Why don’t we recognize the fact that the only good way to change the situation we have is through voting and contesting? Dear Tanzanian, I would love to quote Hon. Benjamin Mkapa the former President of our country when he said, “let us be Africans.” To me this statement means a lot. It means we must be responsible for our continent. The best way to be responsible is to participate fully and honestly in affairs of our countries so that the interests of our countries and our continent can be protected.

My fellow Tanzanians, October General Election is the test for our commitment to bring about brighter future of our country, do not vote for “mafisadi.” Let us do the best in October.


Managing Director, Kusenha Nicodemus Sospeter, Facilitating on Village Land Act, A project which was prepared by Chema Development Organization in Partnership with CEPAF as Facilitating Organization.
The project was Funded by The Foundation For Civil Society.
The project was conducted at Mikese Ward in Morogoro Region