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Century Poverty Alleviation Forum (CEPAF)

Century Poverty Alleviation Forum (CEPAF)

Municipal, Tanzania


CEPAF is preparing to conducting a project on Village Land Act of 1999 (RE: 2002) at Mvuha ward in Morogoro village District. The project seeks to points out some foundational principals as laid down in the Laws of Tanzania on Village land. The overal objective of this project is empower the society leaders on legal procedures in solving coflicts, and incouraging villager to abide to the required procedures in the process of acquiring Lands.

The project will commence as soon as the funds are realeased to CEPAF. All preparation are in place.


CEPAF is now conducting empowerment project. This is a response to need of unemployment problem in Tanzania. The project seeks to identify people who not employed and provid to the necessary skills to employ themselves. In the project CEPAF will help those who will qualify with some capital to start their on business under CEPAF'S supervition.

5millions Tanzanian Shillings will be used in Phase one of the project.