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Century Poverty Alleviation Forum (CEPAF)

Century Poverty Alleviation Forum (CEPAF)

Municipal, Tanzania

Century Poverty Alleviation Forum (CEPAF) is a non government, non religious, non political, non profit sharing organization which is registered in Tanzania under Companies Act Cap 212 R.E 2002.
In recognition of the worsening economic and social situation in Tanzania, CEPAF started in 2007 as Poverty Alleviation Forum Ltd (PAF). bearing the fact that development is not an exclusive responsibility of the government PAF aimed at helping the government in alleviating poverty, Implementing 2025 Development Vision and to attain Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) PAF Ltd was transformed to CEPAF in may , 2008
With the changing policy of NGOs in Tanzania CEPAF had to transform itself into full NGO as required by Non Government Organization Act of 2002 in June and obtained its certificate of Compliance in the same month, 2008.
In conviction that Non Government Organization have a distinct and indispensable role to play in development process, CEPAF is currently looking forward to implement projects in the field of Education, Health, Environment, Good governance.

Century Poverty Alleviation Forum ensures that present and future generations attain a high status as far as to matters of economic security and social equity. Attain fair participation in communities and maintain the health of the ecological systems upon which all life and production depend.

To see a society free from poverty where men, women, youth and children have access to socila and economic enefits from family to national level.

a) To contribute to poverty alleviation through provision of education and skilled training on the sectors of health, education, economic and culture.
b) To spread and disseminate its services to targeted group bu utilizing effectively the organization members
c) To promote development of culture and instill the will in people to act as development agents.
d) To provide education and skills that will improve health status, self reliance amongst the targeted communities and materials, finances and moral support to the most disadvantaged groups; such as orphans, disabled, widows, single mothers and those living in hard environment.
e) To conduct educational campaigns on human rights issues and civic education, such as women circumcision, child abuse, rape, drug abuse, heritage and civic education
f) To carry on the project and programs in the areas of education, health, economic, water. natural resources, environment, lobbying and advocacy, entrepreneurship, rural development, food and animal production, marketing and any other community identifies needs which benefit the community
g) To lead the fight against diseases especially HIV/AIDS by conducting educational campaigns, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, allies and any other activity suitable for the fulfillment of the objective
h) Carry out research and studies on poverty related issues.
i) To do all such other things as may be conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objectives.

Membership is divided into two categories;
i) Fonder members
ii) Ordinary members.
CEPAF membership is open to general public, CBOs or NGOs.