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Bright Light Organization

Bright Light Organization

Geita, Tanzania


The Executive Director of Brightlight Organization Mr. Mathew Daniel second in the right side receiving grant from the CEO of EMACO VISION SCHOOL on 5/11/2019 as the support for the OVC of BLO.


The children we care at Bright Light Organization


If you are born with albinism in Africa you are likely to be ostracised and violently abused by your community. Since 2006  dangerous witchcraft beliefs have led to 75 people with albinism being brutally killed in Tanzania for their body parts, used in witchcraftrituals throught to bestow good fortune and  wealth.Those who have surved have been left mutilated.

Vulnerable to attack,women and  children are at particular risk,Since the killings began,hundreds of  children with albinism have  been moved by  the government to live in  special protectorate  centres accross the country.


Albinism is a genetically inherited condition resulting in reduced pigment in the skin,eyes and  hair. eyes and hair people with albinism also have varying degrees of visual impairment due to irregular nerve connections to the eye and distorted retina development. This visual impairment is extremely complex.



The programmme contribute towards improved participation of youth in decision making processes for matters related to their own development and development of national policies.The programme also deals with  youth to youths project in the area of solution focused to approach where youth are equipped with the skills to solve their own problems and the problemsof the community as well.

           PSYCHOLSOCIAL CARE SUPOORT PROGRAM.                                                              This prohramme contributes towards improved access  to psycholsocial among OVC throgh the establishment of Agape groups and an effective communities to respond to the prioriy need of ophans and other most vulnerable children.                                                                                           



Mr. Mathew Daniel and the participants standing on the photo of together after the training finish which taken two days from 14_15/january/2019.


The participants they are in deep thinking when the training going on.