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Bright Light Organization

Bright Light Organization

Geita, Tanzania

Bright Light Organization has initiated a project called "JENGA UWEZO". Through this project the Organization has decided to empower women and girls in cultural and economic issues and to help vulnerable children in Geita region by providing them their basic needs. 80 pupils were identified at Mkoani Primary School. The organization inteded to do the following:                  

                    1. Buy school uniforms, shoes, exercise books and school bags.                         

                    2. Provide lunch at school.

                    3. Conduct a campaign on HIV/AIDS awareness, counselling and life skills.

                    4. Building a coping skills which relates to their needs.



TECDEN..>Stands for Tanzania Early Childhood Development Network.It is a network concerning children under 8 years Old.The network ,works both  in Tanzania mailand and Zanzibar,For the case of Tanzania mailand,the network ha

s spread one 18 regions including.


  • Tanzania early childhood development network was esteblished in Gita since 2013  and officially started  working in 2015 after being authorized as an NGO . 
  • The network consist of different stakeholders ,Organization s,dealling with childhood development in Geita Region.These Organization are Organized tohether under the government via social wellfare and community development departments.The network is been run under its leadership consist of Chairperson the chapter,General secretary of the chapter, the Burser and one member representative to the national meeting.
  • The main theme of TECDEN Geita chapter is to link together all the stake holder ,Organization dealing with Early childhood development(ECD) on the issue concerning children as far as their rights are concerned.Our thematic notion is "A CHILD FISRT" together we can take care of them for their benefits and the benefits of the National at large.