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kiembe Samaki, Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Our first foundational project aimed at establishing the organ and formalising its existence resulting in having a constitution, elected leaders and office bearers who positionally structured management and administartion, dessignated office duties and accepted space at mr. masoud's house for an office.

In 2011 we are refocusing our strategies as lessons experienced are that depending entirely on donors can be disastrous when project proposals aren't well responsive as such are mobilising members to heed strategy needs and wants. A compulsion to lay out a startegic plan focusing 3/5 years is in the pipeline as well as entrenching to newer grounds in the mainalnd and remote islets of Zanzibar.

Continual sesitisation awareness in human rights at all levels are being worked up for implementation as done in Unguja and Pemba  at the disability level but refocus along all peoples is much desired and we hope to heed this call for communities country wide.

2012 is seeing more effort at membership consolidation and mobilisation. This drive has been slow as resources are yet not adequate for objective get and so vital plans are to have resource tactics with fresh forces to lobby and advoccate at Fundraising and programs

2013 saw us more involved with invitations to collaborate in networking and strenthening project human resources with Zanzibar National Association of the Blind partnering both the chairman and secretary general at ZANABs Organizational (Institutional) Development with the support of an institution called BuildingCapacities for Results [BOCAR] who sponsored various capacity building caucases like seminars, workshops and trainings.

2014 TULIPO informed officially of their Chairman having graduated at EASUN in Facilitation of Organizational Development( a 9 month 3 Modue course) done in Moshi with back Home Packages in ZANAB

2015 saw TULIPO accepted as Partnership of Nutrition in Tanzania {PANITA} by the Zonal National Executive Committee of which the Chairman is also the Zanzibar Zonal Coordinator. The Chairman also uses space in his house as Chairman's office.

For two years ARBILIS of Finland withoffices in Dar es Salaam been interacting with TULIPO Secretary General to support a project on Human Rights and Disability where membership empowerment and voters education will be imparted in 2015/16 pending application approval by ARBILIS Finland.