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kiembe Samaki, Zanzibar, Tanzania

In order to have adequate resource mobilisation TULIPO has made a call for Volunteers that can assist with Organisation Development affairs as well as Fund raising mobilisation to enhace advocacy and lobbying activities.

Institututions, Groups and individuals willing to partner with TULIPO in this effort are cordially asked to communicate to TULIPO via the National Executive Committee whose

Physical Addresse is at Mlimani, Kiembe Samaki, Zanzibar-

Postal Mail address is c/0 Mr. Mohammed Saleh Ali, P.O.Box 2817, Zanzibar

e-mail:- tulipo2009@gmail.com and

Telephone(Mobile) numbers

1.The Chairman-Mohammed Saleh +255 777 559 200 or +255 714 412 112 and

2. The Secretary General Masoud Suleiman Daud +255 777 475 088

This will be a noble cause to the communities in Zanzibar and Tanzania in general and  that TULIPO will highly appreciate as currently a five year strateic Plan 2015-2020 is being processed and volunteers are inclusive in the Human resource category.

We kindly ask for volunteers to administarte,  manage, facilitate or monitor for human rights knownledge training and engagements from particularly Universities, Institututes, Organizations, Public and Private sectors. Also fromdevelopment partners world wide shall highly be considred.

Please do contact us as soon as possible if you can devote time, materials or funds. Even giving us leads and links to resource mobilisation where possible. Main motif is to advance with SDGs and make "prosperity to all by 2030 a reality"

Thank you very much for visiting us and hope to see you soon