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KACA (Kilimanjaro Aids Control Association)

KACA (Kilimanjaro Aids Control Association)

Moshi, Tanzania

Structure and Governing.

The Annual General meeting (AGM), which comprises of all KACA members is a supreme body where all important decisions are made.

The Governing Council of the organisation is responsible for conduct of the Organisation's General operations, perfoming duties under power delegated by the Council. As providedin the article of constitution.

The governing council meets regularly at the headquaters in Moshi Municipality,Council serve Audit and Budget for Programmes, development effectivness Governance and Administrative matters.The administration and financial control of KACA is vested in Governing Council which comprise of the Chairman Director General, Project Coordinator Program Officer,Tresurer, Community Educator,Public Relation Officer, Peer Educator and HIV/AIDS Counselor.

Office bearers:

1.Faraji K. Swai Chairman Director General

2.Exaud G Malya Project Coordinator

3.Vicent Evarist

4.Genes Apolinary Financial Coordinator

5.Marium L. Moshi Tresure

6.Naomi Daud -Secretary

7.Winnie Mtoi Counselor

8.Bakari Mwacha Peer Educator