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KACA (Kilimanjaro Aids Control Association)

KACA (Kilimanjaro Aids Control Association)

Moshi, Tanzania

The Kilimanjaro Aids Control Association (KACA) was established in 2003 with the primary aim of Battling the HIV/AIDS pandemic and reducing massive poverty, which is the major source of widely spread of newly HIV infections.

KACA is autonomous, non- political and non profit,registered as a Non Governmental Organisation under Act No: 24 of 2002.

KACA was originally formed to create and improve the existing awareness on sexual behaviour changes especially to sexual active population aged between 15-49 years.

Since 2008, KACA has expanded its activities to include other areas such as gender issues,democracy,human rights, civic education,poverty alleviation,good governance,malaria and tubeculosis,KACA was formed to carry out its activities country wide