KACA (Kilimanjaro Aids Control Association)

KACA (Kilimanjaro Aids Control Association)

Moshi, Tanzania

Maeneo ya ukurasa huu ni kwa Kiingereza. Hariri tafsiri

The level of extreme Poverty in Tanzania, is fueling the spread of HIV/AIDS in TWO Serious ways,first ,it forces people to find work in certain areas,creating high traffic zones where many people (fishermen,business men,truck drivers,sex workers,Injecting drug users,(IDU),Men having sex with men MSM),etc ,come in contact with one another and are made Vulnerable to HIV Infection,Second it result in about half of Tanzanian Youth not being able to attend secondary school, creating large numbers of out of school youths without access to adequate health education, particularly with regards to HIV/AIDS.In addition to being at highest risk of infection,these groups are without the means to protect themseleves, as few awareness and prevention campaigns are directed at their particular situation and prevention methods are not readly available to them.Also parents and adult model, who in most othe topics are primary sources of information and skills, are unwilling and often unprepared to discuss with youth about sex and HIV/AIDS, because of these factors, youth often turn to other youth to learn and guide themselves on sexual behaviour decisions.

Unfortunately, many youth also lack HIV/AIDS prevention information and often generate misinformation and pressure others to engage in higher risk behaviours.Through in-depth experience of working with youth within Kilimanjaro Region Tanzania we have identified that there is a great need to adress the issue of overall youth vulnerability and particlarly youths vulnerability to HIV/AIDS.Also youth themselves have been the source of information who have expressed that the under laying cause of the vulnerability to HIV/AIDS is directly related to the barriers to access skills and measures to reduce their risk of HIV/AIDS and other STI's.This experience is the most reliable source of information available since it directly pertains to the reality of young people's lives.

Additionally, through conducting needs assessment with parents,community leaders,youth themselves, government leaders,other non governmental and community based Organization, we have researched and identified that there is a great need to adress this issue