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Village Relief Services

Village Relief Services

Musoma, Tanzania


To achieve its goals and objectives, Village Relief Services has the following activities:

  1. Health/HIV and AIDS (HIV and AIDS Stigma Awareness Raising among in-and-out of School Youth Project,
  2. Child labour prevention Project,
  3. Fruits and High value Tree planting Project for income generation to orphaned families. The project is working with AIDS orphans/ widows to support micro-business as well as foster home placement, organic food and nutritional supplements, school uniforms and supplies, as well as alternative healthcare, Entrepreneurship skill Building)
  4. Environmental Conservation (Afforestation, Tree Nurseries, Eco-tourism, Wetland Management.)
  5. Sustainable Agriculture (Organic farming, Farmers Field School, Fruit Trees growing, Horticultural farming, advocacy on extension services and agricultural inputs for smallholders farmers)
  6. Water and Sanitation (Water Harvesting, Ecological Sanitation, sanitation and hygiene promotion, Menstrual Hygiene Management)
  7. Lobbying and advocacy in various issues (i.e. women and children rights)