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Village Relief Services

Village Relief Services

Musoma, Tanzania

Village Relief Services (VRS) is a non-profit, relief and development Organization that was founded in 2010. Village Relief Services (VRS) is committed to the relief of poverty and improvement of lives of marginalized rural poor people in Tanzania. We work hard directly with communities in remote rural areas of Tanzania to find sustainable solutions to overcome poverty and injustices. Many of these rural communities are very isolated without roads, electricity, clean and safe water, schools or clinics/dispensaries.

With limited resources, we have established programs that are providing long-term solutions to communities in need in the villages of Tanzania. With projects in the field of education/vocational, water and sanitation, healthcare, food/sustainable agriculture, and micro credit, we make underprivileged children and women privileged again.


The Village Relief Services’ overall goal is to empower the poor and vulnerable (mainly who are women, youth and children) to drive positive change in their own lives in order to achieve their own goals towards a full and rich life.


Village Relief Services envisages a Tanzanian society without poverty and other injustices.


“To promote and help create lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty”.


  • Respect for diversity,
  • Respect for women and children rights,
  • Dignity regardless of age, education, gender and faith,
  • Transparency and honesty,
  • Participation and commitment to work
  • Gender Equity,
  • Mutual respect, fairness, equality and justice.