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Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Puma, Tanzania

Capacity Building to the NGOs

Philipo Jingu (Minyinga village.)
June 21, 2011 at 1:30 PM EAT

Hello, I salute you wherever you are and what ever you are doing.

According to my expirience in working with the NGO, it is some how taff because almost every thing is relying on the members of the organization to be established.

I have experienced on how especially in our Organization O.V.C.C how thing depend on us to be created and done.

We work in supporting orphans and vulnerable childldren by providing them with school materials, school uniforms and school fees. During the time of food shortage, we are responsible to walk to the villages through house to house so that we can know which demand of food needed to the families where we support the orphans and vulnerable children. And because we are still doing every thing on our own to support these kind of children, it comes some times hard to be able to respond to every severe need a child may encountering.

So, NGOs would be carpacity buildt in order that they may have creative mind to solve other problems by using the power mind they have.

In this case we need to share with the other NGOs to change ideas and strateges and experience too.

The Government would also focus to the NGOs for carpacity building to them so that they can emprove working in helping the community.

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