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Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Puma, Tanzania

Orphans and Vulnerable Children Care (OVCC), is a non-for profit Organization which is legally registered by the Government of Tanzania since May, 2007.

The Organization works in Singida region in the a New innaugurated Disctrict called Ikungi, in the former it was in the Singida rural District and which included Ikungi District. The OVCC Headquarters are along the main road from Singida town to Dodoma about 20km sourth from Singida town at the small town called Puma.

The orphans and vulnerable children situation in Ikungi District is that there are many orphans children almost in each village not less that 17 and 32 are vulnerable. So according to the villages which are in Ikungi District, about 92 villages, you just imaging the population of vulnerable children we have in Ikungi District. 

Orphans and Vulnereable Children Care (OVCC) commenced operations in Puma as a "one man show" in Feb, 2006 when its founder member, Mr. Bernard Sungi. became aware of a baby boy, Ibrahim Karani, who had been abandoned by his mentally unstable mother to live with his grand parents who, in turn, were too aged to care for him adequately in bringing up Ibrahim. Perhaps inevitably, as word spread of the kindness shown to Ibrahim by Mr. Sungi, more similar cases were brought to his attention for possible support. Equally through, as word of his activities spread throughout the community, other volunteers came forward to assist him. To the extent that by early 2007 the OVCC community group had eleven members as was ready to apply for registration as a civil society Organization. OVCC achieved that registration in May, 2007 with Registration Number:-  SO: NO. 14788.

Since then  and to date, OVCC has expanded its areas of operations to cover seventeen (17) villages and support more than 1,536 orphans and vulnerable children through its own effort (by members contributions).