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Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Puma, Tanzania

As much as OVCC Organization gets funds, first from her members contribution, second as we receive any donation from any donor, we will use it effectively according to its purpose. We have used resources as much as the Organination members contribute rightly according to the purposes targeted by the all members of the Organization.

Thirdly, we must publish an Annual financial report  and send it to the donors and to every one else touched by the whole activities of the Organization throughout the year. Also we publish a Quarterly Financial Report if any donor needs it or needs  to get every Quarter Financial Report for the donation they give, we send it to them.

We appreciate every donation we get.

                                    Annual Financial Report July 2012 to June, 2013.

The organization has collected Total of TZS 813,700/= (Eight thirteen thousand seven hundrend shillings) from members contribution.

The Organization also has used 813, 700/= (Eight thirteen thousand seven hundred shillings) for these following categories:-

1. For supporting orphans and vulnerable children 60%

2. For office use (Administration and Management) 30%

3. For other expenses 10%.

The organization need to get TZS 8,500,000/= (Eight Million five hundred thousand shillings) which is equal to USD 5700 (fIve thousand seven hundred US Dollars) to achieve its goals for the next financila year. We would be of great joy to get your financial or materially donation of any amount to make these goals achivable.

Thank you and contact us by our Email provided on our Website for your more communication about how you can donate to us.

All the best to you.


OVCC Working Team.

The OVCC  Annual Financial Report  from July 2013 to June, 2014:


Total income for last year is TZS. 1,228,000/=

The income source is from OVCC members contributions, TZS 728,000/= and from the County Fund, which was donated by the District government leaders to OVCC , TZS 500,000/=.

So Total income is TZS 1,228,000/= although OVCC members have also contributed other materials such as clothes and food the costs which is not included here and was given direct to the orphans and vulnerable children.


1. Management cost is TZS 158,300/=

2. Services or provision to orphans and vuln. children TZS 541,600/=

3. Transport TZS 194,400/=

4. Costs for HIV/AIDS TZS 115,600/=

5. Costs for visitors and OVCC guests, TZS 218,900/=

      Total Expenditure is TZS 1,228,000/=

      Every single cent of members contributions and donation was used effectively in accomplishing the goals targeted.




The OVCC income from July 2014 to June 2015 is:-

TZS 3,817,750/=

The source of the income is TZS 1,517,750/= from the OVCC members contributions; and

TZS 2,300,000/= is a donation from Federico Fioretto for the chicken project.


1.Management cost;- TZS 250,000/=

2. Support to the orphans and vulnerable children; TZS 945,750/=

3. Transport TZS 139,000/=

4. HIV/AIDS cost; TZS 151,000/=

5. To buy 100 chickens, food and chicken treatments 2,300,000/=

Total Expenditure:-- TZS 3,812,750/=

The Total Balance is:- TZS 5,000/=



      1. Members contributions TZS 2,160,000/=

      2. Neotopia support         TZS 4,378,000/=

      3. A stakeholder               TZS 1,000,000/=

     TOTAL INCOME------------ TZS 7,543,000/=


      1. Service to the orphans and vulnerable children:

                       TZS 4,429,500/=

      2. Transpot TZS   870,000/=

      3. Management TZS 1,162,500/=

      4. HIV/AIDS     TZS    941,500/=

      5. Guests costs  TZS   135,000/=


   BALNCE TZS 4,500/=