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Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Puma, Tanzania


Rehema Philimon, who is a kindergarten class teacher at her home, when OVCT members visited her with her kindergarten class pupils last month; it is today on 7th August 2017 that OVCT members have visited her and support her kindergarten class pupils with pencils, and support her with the wheel chair tubes, because she uses a wheel chair to ride to somewhere. Her wheel chair was without tires tubes so that she could not travel anywhere. OVCT also provided her with an iron sheet to finish roofing her house. Also she was supported with some teaching materials for her kindergarten class. Rehema was so happy with the materials provided to her by OVCTto encourage or support her in her good work she is doing in educating the children.

August 7, 2017
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