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Mohispac Foundation

Volunteer in Mohispac Foundation Tanzania – East Africa


We are looking for  volunteers to contribute their time and skills in: Teaching, Building, Medical services, Environmental conservation, Sports and Life skills. We offer unique opportunities for volunteers of any age, sex and background to make a big difference to a small but vibrant community.A unique chance to become part of a real African community and learn the cultural skills and language of the local people.

Our volunteers come from most age   groups, and many cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

When you make the decision to help us in supporting and promoting volunteerism, we at Mohispac Foundation Volunteer Tanzania take it very seriously. We understand that we will both gain from finding the right person for the right volunteer role within our organization.

We value our relationships with all of our stakeholders and you, our potential volunteer, can play a key role in building a centre of excellence for volunteering.

As Executive Director of Mohispac Foundation, I invite you to explore the volunteer opportunities currently open within our organization. We believe that it is with your skills and experience and your commitment to volunteering that we will grow as an organization. Volunteer in Tanzania placements are available in Same-Kilimanjaro,Dar-es-salaam,Kibaha-Pwani the areas where our organization is operated

You will be offered a personal and customisable placement service and will be supported throughout the duration of your placement.

We work directly with the projects where we send you and where your contribution will make a real and meaningful difference.

Volunteer in Tanzania Orphanage Program

There are many orphans and street children in  Tanga,Kilimanjaro,Dar es salaam,Pwani regions and other cities. Local organizations protect the children by offering Children’s homes.

The organizations running orphanage programs are short of resources and manpower at our centre in Dar es salaam . Therefore, the help of international volunteers is greatly needed and appreciated for both professional and non professional are warmly welcome to cross the finger together to save people who are in needy.

As a volunteer in the orphanage program, you will be involved in teaching English and other subjects as well as helping them with their homework. You will also help the orphans to understand the importance of hygiene, sanitation and good manners.

Additional activities include help in organizing creative activities like games, painting, drawing, and maintaining the compound and orphanage buildings.

Volunteer Health Program in Tanzania

Help facilitate a better quality of life for people in Tanzania when you volunteer with our Health Program in Tanzania.Our health volunteers improve the quality & availability of healthcare services, and strengthen the skills of health professionals in disadvantaged communities. For example: doctors, midwives, nurses, public health officials.As a volunteer in this program, you will be helping local residents who cannot afford proper health care. Volunteers in the health program help conduct nutrition workshops, work in a community health clinics and hospitals and provide medical and dental treatment at the public and at the private clinics e.g Bwambo,Bombo,Ndungu and Same Hospitals.


       Education – Our education volunteers work with colleagues locally, helping them to improve their teaching and leadership methodologies and practices. Volunteers on the teaching program in Tanzania assist with the teaching of different subjects in primary and high schools.

Volunteer teachers can teach mathematics, science, geography, social sciences, history, business education, English, art and music. Volunteer teachers are not required to have teaching experience.

Our volunteers work in schools with students who come from very difficult economic circumstances or are orphans.Volunteer can teaches at our Kindergaten here in Dar es salaam.

         Engineering and Technical – Our technical volunteers share their technical skills both in the workplace as well as in education institutes and colleges. For example: electricians, irrigation engineers, vocational trainers.

           Communications – Our communications volunteers generate creative solutions that nurture organizational growth. For example: fundraisers, marketing advisors, communication specialists. 

           HIV and AIDS – Our HIV and AIDS volunteers offer practical healthcare, support advocacy initiatives, network with local government, and raise awareness and money for projects working in the area of HIV and AIDS. For example: HIV/AIDS health professionals and program managers.

          Natural Resources – Our natural resources volunteers offer support in small business development, marketing and financial planning, and in technical skills such as coastal resource management, horticulture and agriculture. For example: agribusiness, agricultural specialists, animal science, horticulture.

           Business – Our business volunteers assist small and medium-sized businesses by helping them to improve income generation and/or to become sustainable. For example: business managers, IT professionals, project managers.


          Community and Social Development – Our community positions are varied, but all work towards the common goal of bettering people’s lives and bringing about social change. For example: physiotherapists, speech therapists, social researchers, social workers.

Volunteer Tanzania » Accommodation & Meals

Volunteers stay with host families. The volunteer rooms are comfortable and may be shared with 1 or 2 other volunteers. Accommodation is usually within walking, cycling or a short bus ride from the project. Three meals per day are provided.

Tanzania Volunteer Program is open to all:

We invite individuals, couples, families, students, researchers, and groups (churches, colleges, and student associations).

Our programs are flexible and volunteers can arrive and depart on any day all year round.

Volunteer in Mohispac Foundation Program Costs

Application Fee: USD $100.00. Application fee covers administration, program information, communication and the cost of collection from the airport.


Tanzania Volunteer Program Fee in USD:


Cost   for 1 weeks or less $100.00 Cost for 3 weeks $250.00 Cost for 1 month $450.00   Cost for 3 months $1,300.00 Cost for 4 months $1,600.00 Cost for 5   months $1670.00 Cost for 6 months $1740.00.


The volunteer in Tanzania costs   you need to meet are: Your   flight to and from the country, visa fees, work permits (the cost of this has   now been raised from USD$120 to USD$500 per person), vaccinations, travel   insurance, return trip to the airport, and airport taxes. You will also need   a weekly budget of around US$20 to cover your expenses like bottled water,   personal costs, public transport, beverages and entertainment.


Volunteer Application -

Our   Application form is available to volunteer at Mohispac foundation .   You may print it out and mail it to us after filling it out and submit   the volunteer application form

fill   out the online application form.

Top of Form


» Name:



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» Sex:



» Country of Residence:    



» Nationality:



Phone (Cell):



» Email Address:



» Date of Birth:
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Occupation/ Professional:    





Have     you ever been a Mohispac Foundation volunteer before? Yes No    


Time you will stay     with us as a volunteer?week,month
    Duration: Date of arrival:    
    End date: Date of     departure:


Where     did you hear about Mohispac     Foundation volunteering?
    (Radio/TV/friend/website etc)


» I have read and accept the procedure


    Volunteer Guardian


» Type your name as     your signature:





Name of     Parent/Guardian:
    (if volunteer is under 18)


    As the parent or guardian of minor I indicate my permission for minor to     volunteer.


Parent/Guardian     Phone:



» Parent/Guardian Email




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Please support our work in Tanzania, bringing education, shelter, food, health and social care to those most in need. Through your donoation we hope to support over 20,000 of those most in need people who live on less than $1 a DAY. This work matters, by supporting us we can guarantee that 100% of your gift will fund our work, work that lifts people out of poverty and makes a real and lasting diffrence to lives.

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When you give a donation

You choose where you want your money to go, and we get it there, quickly and efficiently. You feel secure when donating through Mohispac Foundation. You get feedback about how your contributions have been put to work and the results

Some final facts about Mohispac Foundation Funds

All donations goes through MohispacFoundation.This helps cover the cost of operating Mohispac Foundation, includingfood,ctlothes and shelter,schoolfees,school uniforms  and vetting projects, providing training and support to project leaders, attracting donors and ensuring the site has up-to-date tools.



Thank you for helping support the  Mohispac Foundation Link Projects. Your caring generosity will make a real difference to the young people and their poor families in Tanzania through this unique projects.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please provide both your contact and payment information below,which will be sent to the email address that you specify below.

* denotes required information

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