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Mohispac Foundation

Volunteer in Mohispac Foundation Tanzania – East Africa

We asking for different kind of volunteers who will be happy to work with us with any skill or proffessional.We are happy to have any person from any country around the world as we know people have different ideas so we are there to learn everyday athough we thanks a lot for volunteer we received from Omprakash Foundation sister Emily Benken from USA .

We are looking for  volunteers to contribute their time and skills in: Teaching, Building, Medical services, Environmental conservation, Sports and Life skills. We offer unique opportunities for volunteers of all age, sex and background to make a big difference to a small but vibrant community.A unique chance to become part of a real African community and learn the cultural skills and language of the local people.


Our volunteers comes from all ages, groups, and many cultural and ethnic backgrounds.


When you make the decision to help us in supporting and promoting volunteerism, we at Mohispac Foundation for affordable price of $ 90 per week.You are all welcome and feel happy to be with us.May Almight God bless you for accepting our request. Contact our Director at nziacharom@gmail.com