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Mohispac Foundation
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Rev Makenya the founder and director of mohispac foundation poses with
Elder Denis Buckley the director of humaritarian volunteer from
Ireland meet in Tanzania for official talks on how they can work
incooperation to save people and through that to eradicate poverty
with the communities.Thanks for your coming and welcome back to your
land(Tanzania) says Rev Makenya




Dear Friends ,

Welcome to our second wonderful Shengena forest walk. After a highly successful previous event, Mohispac Foundation, a charity organization based in Tanzania is kindly inviting you to our next Shengena Forest walk campaign which will be held on 26th May to 1st June 2016 at Same District in Kilimanjaro -Tanzania, Africa.

The Shengena forest is the second largest forest in northern part of Tanzania after Kilimanjaro forest mountain and among of the few natural reserves still remaining in Tanzania which is rich in numerous water springs, waterfalls, and flora and fauna which is only found within this forest. Furthermore, the forest supports the lives of more than 300,000 people. Our route of walk will start from Chome-Suji, Suji-Bwambo, Bwambo-Kirangare, Kirangare-Vugwama, Vugwama-Mpinji, Mpinji-Mamba (means crocodiles), Mamba-Lugulu, Lugulu-Mtii. Then at Mtii–Bombo on the 1st of June, we will celebrate environmental day with around 5,000 indigenious people, CSO’s, volunteers, activists, journalists, Government officers, Students, Companies, all working together to promote sustainable development of our forest.

The event intends to promote and spread awareness of the biodiversity available within the Shengena forest and the ways in which we can protect it, whilst at the same time promoting tourism attractions areas.

Pare cultures have committed to launching a compaaign to plant 1 million trees within the forest, and to also open student environmental clubs at schools, to teach students ways to protect and support the forest. The event will provide a platform for environmental stakeholders (walk participants/volunteers) and the local community to interact and promote awareness on the importance of protecting Shengena Forest, with the view of limiting the effects of drought and securing the endangered flora and fauna species in the forest.

Currently the forest is faced with a number of man-initiated threats. These includes forest fires, encroachment for agriculture, tree felling for wood fuel, over pastoralism within the forest, lumbering for building materials (logs, timbers) which suffocate indigenous species caused by gold mines activities taking place illegally within the forest, corruptions among the officers responsible . But now the forest, spring water, natural vegetation, species, wild animals are in danger of disappearance due to the deforestation and Gold mines activities taking place within the forest. Therefore, the event intends to address man-initiated threats with the view of making a contribution in forest management, environmental education, researches, advocacy, stopping mines activities, restoring natural vegetation within and around the forest to improve their livelihood. Moral and financial support is highly needed to enable this event to be successful. This is why we are calling upon all environmental good wishers to join hands with us in saving the entire forest, by either participating directly in our walk or enabling/sponsor others to participate.

Finally this campaign project needs your support to save the most adversely species which are in danger of dissappearance, poor farmers and pastoralists who live in the remotest areas, who are already grappling with droughts from the water supply in Shengena diminishing as a result of human interference. More than 300,000 people will continue to benefit from the forest if and only if we will get your social, economical, technical, legal and moral support. Therefore, these initiatives should be seen as progress along the route to fully sustainable partnerships between people and their government in the joint custodianship of forests that provide benefits at local and national levels.

The participants will be able to visit either Ngorongoro, Mikumi, Serengeti, Selous, Manyara national parks or Mount Kilimanjaro at a discounted rate once you register as a volunteer.

We need food for the 50 walkers, 20 Watering cans ,drinking water, 1000 t-shirts, 5000 flyers, 20 banners, 20 tents, 20 mattresses, 2 digital camera, 1 laptops, 1 Mil tree seeds, 120 rollers of polythene tubes, 20 hoes, 20 spades, 20 wire mesh, 20 rakes, 1000 caps, 20 wheel barrows,1000 bees boxes for low income women) and other technical supports.

Companies and sponsors who wish to support the event will be able to put their brand and logo to all activities, during the press conferences, and to other areas which can be discussed personally. Please, if you have any questions feel free to contact us via email.

Don’t delay your booking, and for the mere price of $100 enjoy meals, t-shirt and all application fees, whilst at the same time, feeling safe in the knowledge that you are working to directly support the preservation of the Shengena forest and most crucially, the lives of those who rely on the forest for their livelihood.

Last but not least we wish to give thanks for our last event supporters (World Agroforestry Centre - Nairobi, Santas Diagonist Co. Ltd, Ngerengere river, Media companies, Journalists, Bloggers, individual supporters and so many others. We have really appreciated your support in saving our heritage Shengena forest. (Please Google ICRAF visit Shengena forest) to see our last walk event report.

We believe that Together We Can Make the World a Better Place to Live. Any support will be gratefuly received, and please do not hesistate to contact us if you have any questions. Thanks and be blessed for choosing to be part and parcel of this campaign. Nziacharo Makenya, Executive Director, Mohispac Foundation, B0x 77624 - Dar - Tanzania. Call: +255716876742/758888193 Email: nziacharom@gmail.com, info@mohispacfoundationtz.or.tz

 Visit our official link  :   www.envaya.org/mof or www.mohispacfoundationtz.or.tz  http://www.mohispacfoundationtz.or.tz https://www.facebook.com/MohispacFoundation?ref=ts&fref=ts https://envaya.org/mof   and Follow us on Instagram @Mohispacfoundation.