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Musoma Municipal Paralegal Organization

Musoma Municipal Paralegal Organization

Musoma, Tanzania

Musoma Municipal Paralegal Organization (MMPO) is a non-profit making, non-governmental organization based in Musoma Municipal, Mara region, Tanzania. Currently the organization operates in Musoma Municipal only .The organization acts as a platform between the communities with rights delivered organs for marginalized groups/comunities. It strives to minimize the time consumed or incurring a lot of money in relation to follow-up their rights. MMPO joins hand together for provission of human rights, rule of law, envirnment conservation and social development.

The organization pursue this commitment through awareness raising on human rights, rule of law, prevantion of Gender Based Violence(GBV) and environmental conservation issue. The organization founded in February 2013 with 13 founder members after receiving legal trainings conducted by Centre for widows and Children Assistance(CWCA). The Organization was officially Registered as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in 20th November, 2015 under The Non-Governmental Organization Act, 2002 Made under section 12(2) of Act No.24 of 2002 with registration No.10NGO/08294; for the purpose of providing legal aids for the marginalized groups/ communities especially women, children, disabled, elderly and those people who can't afford costs for Private Advocates to present them in court.

Our vision: To have communities who live in peace and lovely while respecting human rights and rule of law.Kuwa na jamii yenye uelewa kuhusu sheria, haki na wajibu wao.

Our Mission: To prepare the communities for knowing their rights through Legl Aid Assistance to have communities who live in peace and lovely while respecting human rights.

Kujenga mazingira yanayowezesha jamii kufahamu mfumo wa haki na sheria kupitia wasaidizi wa sheria ili kupata jamii yenye amani ,upendo na inayojali haki za kila mtu kwa njia ya uelimishaji ,midahalo,vipeperushi na matamasha mbalimbali.

Statement of Values:

The core values of MMPO are as hereunder:-

Commitment,Transparency, Respect, Integrity, Accountability, Love, Networking and Volunteerism