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IRINGA, Tanzania

KIUMAKI  is now working with TANZANIA NATIONAL ROADS AGENCY-(TANROADS) Iringa  region  .As we know  about  the agency,  It is  responsible  for  all related  matters of road constraction, bridges ,  road protection and safety. KIUMAKI  is now working  for  road reserve protection  and  keep  the   IRINGA -DODOMA  trunk road  safe  by  environmental conservation and  tree planting  along  the road from  Nduli Airport  to  Mkungungu  village. The project stated  by  tree planting  at  Kihesa kilolo village last year (2015/16) Due  to  the  fact  that  the  area  is  semi-arrid climent, we  planted  the Trichilia Emetica  spish of  trees. All KIUMAKI  members  are participating  in  this  project  in  diverse  nature from cleanning  the  site to  watering  the  planted  trees  in  the project area. We call  all  interested  partiners  to  join us  by  giving  us  the works(task)  related  with  environmental conservation  in  their  working  places for Government  and private organizations. The project  is  for  our National  benefit  since  the  road  will  save  our people  for  long time.  For your  contribution  to  this ongoing  project please call  0766662777 or Email:infokiumaki@gmail.com 

BEEKIPING PROJECT EXTENSION - KIUMAKI expecting  to extend the project up to 60 beehive between  June and August 2015. This  will be possible  after  getting loans from  our development  partiners. The project will generate income  direct to the members while  protecting  environment in the respective  area.

BEEKEEPING PROJECT: Beekeeping in Tanzania plays a major role in socio-economic development and environmental conservation .It is a sorce of food (honey,pollen and brood), row materials for  various industries-beeswax candles, lubricants),medicine(honey,propolis, beeswax bee venom) together they produce income for  beekeepers. KIUMAKI is now  participating  fully in this project due  to  the  fact  that  Tanzania  is  endowed with  favourable environment for  productin of  honey, beeswax and  other  bee products.

The internal market  for honey and  beeswax  are  available. Demand  for  honey as  a food and  as  an authentic ingredient in  various foods and  as  aproduct  with healing qualities is  increasing within our  societies.


The project includes  the  following  activities:  (1) Fancing the Heritage historical site of  Igeleke Rock paintings. (2). Consruction of  pathway  to  the Igeleke Rock paintings.The project is funded by FAHARI YETU-SHiCS, University of Iringa Iringa. The  land of  Igeleke mountains undergone  depletion due  to the  deforestation and unsuitable utilization of  natural resources as  trees, stones and sand. People need more  space for  different activities which destroy and  damage the  environment. The Igeleke rock Art are in  high danger  and critical situation of  distruction.

Project Objectives: Assured protection  and presarvation of historical heritage site  of  Igeleke rock paintings.



KIUMAKI is working for improuvement of community livelihood by introducing the  project of  Forestry and beekeeping  activities in Igeleke mountains. The area is protected  and conserved by KIUMAKI initiatives. We expect  to havest more than 100 litres  at the end of  2014


(1)  Forest resource protection,conservation and management: KIUMAKI currently is working on protection and conserving the IGELEKE MOUNTAINS ecosystem and  forest resources with different varieties of natural vagetation and historical site of IGELEKE  ROCK ART. The project  is  self funding.We work with the communities to protect the  naturl vagetation and protect the  Rock Art  for  future tourism.

(2) Capacity building: To the member of organization:The project  aims to empower the member of the organization to understand  and develope effective policies,to establish and enfonce tageted regulatory framework as well as to deliver improved and expanded management skills. The project is  sposored and  monitored by Executive Director,Iringa municipal council,Forest and Tourist departiment.

(3) Cultural tourist and rock paints:The project will generate income for environment conservation in Iringa.The tourist officer will give skills for this project. Traditional methods of environmental conservation and forest resources uses,foods and traditinal dancing  are the part of cultural tourism to be seen  now at KIUMAKI. The cultural  tourism center Kihesa Kilolo will include traditinal houses and home stay with Wahehe  family to enjoy their  unique lifestyle.