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IRINGA, Tanzania

KIUMAKI  participated  in a  very  imporntant  meeting  at  VETA IRINGA. The  meeting  involves  all  stake holders of    tourism development for  southern circut. The meeting  involves  the  following  regions, Iringa,Mbeya,Njombe,Ruvuma,Rukwa Katavi and the  newest  region  Songwe. The  aim  of this  meeting was  to  make  preparation  for  the  comming  event  of KARIBU KUSINI.  All pariticipant  were  incouraged  to  send  this  message  to  all  people  in  their  respective  areas. More  information  will  be  given  thorugh formulated  commitees.

Rev. Mbonayo  Ngulinzira



KIUMAKI received a very high respected visitors at  National level -Freedom tourch (Mwenge  wa  Uhuru) The event  hapened at Igeleke mountains by  the Hon.George  Jackson Mbijima on 22/6/2016.All Kiumaki  members  and  municipality leaders participated fully to  the event. The municipal office  gave  us five  beehives  to  make  73 in total number.


On 17th march 2015, KIUMAKI deligation held a very crucial meeting with all stakeholders  from  Kihesa kilolo A &B, Mtwivila/Mkimbizi Ward leaders and high Officials from Municipal Director's office. Among  those  Municipal officers was Mr.Logasian, Mr. Hobokela, Ms Naomi Mbilinyi. From Mkimbizi /Mtwivila Ward was Mr.Davis Swebe, and the respective representative of officer Mrs.Shida A.Mgongolwa-KihesaKilolo "A", and Mrs Lugenge -Kihesa kilolo"B". Also e were ritired Chairman of Kihesakilolo "A" and "B".and other pontatial elders from both areas.

The meeting was  very transparent to all participants which discussed the future of KIUMAKI  and the way  to  do. KIUMAKI  now is responsible to  call  meeting  and explain all plans  and  activities including income and  expenditure from  Igeleke RockPaintings. The Chairman of KIUMAKI  onbehalf of  members  agreed  to make this possible within very  short  time.The meeting  was  the  result  of  the  request of  KIUMAKI to  have  time to  explain  to  the  community  the KIUMAKI  activities and  the  way  forward. This is the part of  implimenting the PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTINERSHIP  ACT , 2010.  Thanks.

The Year 2015 shows that  KIUMAKI  will be welcoming visitor from  different  part  of  the  world. Betwen  January and February we received the following  pontatioal visitors from: Danish Embassy- DANIDA, Nelthelands Embssy, UN Information Centre. Other visitors  was from different midia and Radio stations as: Furaha FM, Country FM, HOPE FM, RADIO MARIA,   OVERCOMERS FM, IMTV Station, NURU FM  and representatives of  Tanzania standard Newspapers, Uhuru & Mzalendo, The Guadian, UoL, Mtanzania, Nipashe, Majira, FAHARI YETU-SHiCS and  The Citizen.

Any  Funding Local, National or International Organization in environmental conservation and protection of  heritage Historical sites are invited to join us in our effort for the Thematic areas. The Igeleke  mountains forest and Igeleke Rock Paintings  are concerned. Any assistance in form  of money or materials are acceptalbe.

We  are preparing the report to send to the     Municipal Director's office  to meet the instruction given to  the group .This is due to the fact that,every organization working in Iringa must  send the  report to the Government authorities in the respective area.The report will include the following working areas,

1.Environmental conservation and protection of forest resources.

2.Igeleke Rock Art  protection and Cultural Tourist establishment in  Kihesa Kilolo.

3.Creating awareness  on HIV/AIDS 

We hope that all  development stakeholders will support our initiatives. Thank you.


Conserved indigenous trees near the way under  the rocks.This place needs you to visit and try to pass to this wonderful God's creation path way. The big stone laying under each other in un beliveble arrangement.It is true that,the place was used as a place to hide and escape enemies.


Kihesa Kilolo village and its beauty.