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MWANZA, Tanzania

Volunteers are well come in Children Guarantee NGO: A Free Guide

Volunteers are the lifeblood of many organisations, indeed almost every non profit got started by either an individual or group of people volunteering their time. Even the biggest development organisations in the world such as the United Nations use volunteers from all around the world to increase their effectiveness.

Children Guarantee link with FundsforNGOs.org free guide invite all to come and work with us together,teaching key strategies that will help our organisation to growth,and to feel both they are part of NGO.

Its a grassroots organisation just starting with us, working across the world, a motivated volunteer force can make a tremendous difference to your organisations impact on its community.fell free to join us in different works.

We LOVE visitor,feel at Home: Feel part of organization for us we call friends more than term used volunteers ,any contribution for us in organisation is valuable and contribution is valued.

There are thousands of different and organisations that they could be spending their free time with but instead they have chosen to work with you. feel at home we providing with somewhere comfortable to work, we introduce them to other staff and volunteers and generally pay an interest in their lives we care,secured,and makeshure your in joy.

Come join us to help but to enjoy their time with our organisation. we  keep them informed of what is happening including asking their opinion when it is appropriate. Its an opportunity or a way to improve that others have missed, get a chance to make a difference.

We Understanding  motivations is the key to getting the best from those as well as providing them with the best experience that you can. CG and volunteers may be working both to gain experience in certain fields such as management or fundraising  make a difference to your cause.