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MWANZA, Tanzania


2.5 case studies documentation

 In both at TANZANIA East Africa,at City Of Mwanza,at Village of Nyanguge and kisesa, we mate number of case studies of women being wiped by their husbands and men’s around.Howevery we seek information for the parents so as to support Children who run away from their family due to Harassments from Parents, with one voice Change Maker

One of the notable case studies is that of Juliana Mathius, who is also a group member of Hekima development group. Where by all her properties were taken by her former husband including house and final she was taken to jail 

 The picture demonstrate Josephat Dhahabu listen a case study from Juliana

 Picture showing Mr Daudi Michael and Mr George Bahebe registering new change makers during orientation.

The information obtain can assist CHILDREN GUARANTEE (NGO’s),as attached Reg.Certificate,to support them since we need extra support to expand more service we request more assistance so as to support community at large.

  Distribution of We Can promotion materials:

   Children Guarantee(CG) distributed a total of 100calendar carries with it encouraging messages that inspire women to take lead in the prevention of domestic violence.  The calendar also demonstrates how that the prevention of domestic violence is the responsibility of all people in the community and that everyone should play a role in condoning violence, calendars have s been distributed to change makers, Health care providers, Religious leaders, Police, local government leaders and schools.