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Continental Youth Watch Development Organization - CYWADO TANZANIA

Continental Youth Watch Development Organization - CYWADO TANZANIA

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

                           THE ORGANIZATION PROJECT WORK-PLAN 2014 - 2016


  • Our organization has for a long time been involving in policy implementations regarding call for senstization and counseling on current public political & social burning issues where implemention of community development projects inteding to upgrade the standardization of current & future youths awareness on global economies, & political governance in Africa are inclusive.
  • Collection of regional individual ideas & soliciting of finances to implement the ideological projects to reform decertifications on undeveloping matters arising in the continent particulary our region Tanzania. Hence we designed & develop project papers or write-ups, searching for grants inteding to facilitate our projects including those of other youths CSOs under our umbrela. And we are to carryout the monitoring & evaluations for the entire youths piloting projects in Tanzania. And we are eager to implement capacity building project programmes as it seems to be the major weakness for the most of our NGOs in the region.

                                               2014 2016 PROJECTS

  • We are currently running two basic capacity building training centres in Tanzania.   
  • We have established a children's social protection centre for vulnerable children
  • We are running an agricultural literacy capacity building and demonstration farm
  • We are affiliated to US UN PEACE Operations Training Institute (POTI) and we are currently enlisting Tanzania Youth with interest to partake peacekeeping and humanitarian law training course through us to Georgia USA.