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Continental Youth Watch Development Organization

Continental Youth Watch Development Organization

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Continental Youth Watch Development Organization Tanzania-Africa

1. Introduction:

We are an organization dealing in all forms of humanitarian development activities especially those involving youth, women and children all the way. Hence our most considerable partners are Youth and Women professional voluntters majoring in different disciplines of professionalism, and we are competently figured with both global and specific objectives reach in humanitarian support and social wellbeing campaign as decsribed therin below:

  1. Legal & Human rights affairs
  2. Social development affairs  include project designing, training & implementations
  3. Early childhood & other related formal and informal education projects
  4. Youth life experience exchange programs, include seminars, workshops & conferences
  5. Conflict resolution management programs
  6. Voluntary women peace & security keeping activities 
  7. Political adivisory and consultant mission programs
  8. Environmental research and conservation activities
  9. Social and economic research activites
  10. Policy making and enhancement actvities 


1.2 Membership:

our organization membership process is acquired without free from any discrimination of race, colour, religion, sex and nationality, however, it should be through acquiring and filling of the membership application forms, and amount of $ 10 for application form must be met by all applicants whereof, after a normal process is followed, an annual membership fee of $ 50 for individual applicants must be paid. Note, that membership fees are renewed annually.

1.3 How to apply:

All interested applicants allover the world can apply any time without time limit, or inquire directly from any of our offices to get the valid membership application forms.

1.4 Organization or society membership:

All societies or organizations that would wish to be partners of our organization, can sent in their request inquiries for more information.

1.5 What we do:

Strategically we intend to implement activities which enables the entire community dwellers within the organization member states who particularly are vulnerable youths and other similar social groups:

  • To access information which enables them to understand their constitutional legal rules & rights for the entire community benefits.
  • To effectively engage in policy enacting enhancement & monitoring dialogue on poverty reduction actvity programmes.
  • To advocate for the dificient human rights in Tanzania & Africa at large.
  • Implementing capacity building project activities in the regions of Tanzania.
  • Implementing both preliminary & secondary sustainable development piloting projects in Tanzania & the neibouring community.
  • Implement peace keeping activities & watch the development of diplomatic resolutions in Africa etc.
  • Volunteering in peace Accord implementation worldwide  




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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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