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Child Protection and  Survival in Commercial Farms

Child Protection and Survival in Commercial Farms



The so evils involved in the negligence of child rights in commercial farms in Tanzania are widespread.Iliteracy resulting in lack of development of childs personality which may continue even in his/her adult life.The economic problems in the employment of children in agriculture and minerals mining sectors are in no way of less significance.The inadequancy of family income and desire to supplement family income has compelled to work in mining and agricultural sectors.However,employment in such establishments do not provide them adequate wages.The high incidence of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) labour in commercial agriculture in Tanzania is not only shocking from the moral poinr of view,but also represents a waste of resources,which instead of being improved upon through education and training is utilized in a most unproductive and wasteful manner.

Large number of boys and girls who constitute the bulk of our population are today living a sub-human existence in conditions of object poverty.They have no faith in the existing social and economic activity.It becomes a matter of deep concern to find out ways and means which may put and end to the employment and exploitation of children.

Thus the problem of child labour in commercial farms require a considerable attention from social scientists,activists on the field,and the government.

It is now a realized and accepted truth that the protection of children against exploitation is essential to their mental and physical development of a nation as a whole.Thus the present work is a humble attempt to bring forth some of the legal aspects of this multi-dimensional problem and to give some suggestions for mitigating the acuteness and gravity of this evil.The objective is,the community should be to conduct the emperical survey of child workers employed in sugar,tea,wheat,sisal estates,mineral mining sites,with a view to know the fate of the working child in the light of the constitutional commitment and to give effect to the constitutional mandates.

August 27, 2010
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