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Child Protection and  Survival in Commercial Farms

Child Protection and Survival in Commercial Farms


Child Protection and Survival in Commercial Farms(CHIPS-CF) is registered not for profit but a non governmental Oganization seeking to improve governance,to provide direction for integration of efforts of the Goverment,NGO'S,CBOs Community and other partners in the care of Ophans and vulnerable children(OVC) in commercial farms in Tanzania.
CHIPS-CF aim at civil society Oganization in Tanzania who are working to serve the rights of vulnerable children,to provide an overview of the national policy environment and to enable civil society organization to influence communty and the goverment of Tanzania to fulfill obligation under the law and UN conventions put in place.
CHIPS-CF identifies priority areas of intervention.
These are:
*Policy development - Creating an enabling environment.
*Institutional capacity building and strengthening.
*Delivery of social welfare and other essential OVC support services.
*Coordination and management.
*Monitoring and evaluation
*Supporting initiatives that help ophans and vulnerable children develop plactical skills(stadi za kazi) that is build the capacity of OVC to support themselves.