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Wanyama Pori Foundation

Wanyama Pori Foundation

Tanga, Tanzania

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 Mohamed Aboud Kambi- Executive Director

Mohamed Aboud Kambi is the graduate of Advanced Diploma in Wildlife Management from College of African Wildlife Management, MWEKA and a first year MBA student at Eastern and Southern African Management Institute, ESAMI is Executive Director and founder of the organisation. He did many researches including 'Co-existence and Niche segregation of Sanje Mangabey (Cercocebus sanjei) and Iringa red Colobus monkey (Piliocolobus gordonorum) in Udzungwa Mountains National Park'; Population estimates and Habitat use of Spotted-necked otter (Lutra macullicolis) in Rubondo Island National Park (THE PROJECT UNDER FROSTBURG STATE UNIVERSITY, USA);Tourist Wildlife viewing preferences in Kilimanjaro International Airport, (THE PROJECT UNDER MASSACHUSSETS UNIVERSITY, USA). He is an expert on community development including Good governance & Accountability, Advocacy & Lobbying, and a Technical advisor on all matters pertaining to Wildlife Ecology, Ecosystem & Biodiversity, GIS and Remote Sensing, Land use planning and Conservation, Conservation enterprise and Transfrontier Conservation.

David Fernández - Board Member

David Fernández is a Ph.D. Candidate from Stony Brook University, New York. He received his Master of Arts in Anthropological Sciences, with concentration in primatology, in 2007. He has been working in Tanzania since 2007, where he is studying the Sanje mangabey, and endemic primate to the Udzungwa Mountains. His research interests include female reproductive strategies, mate choice, and primate reproductive endocrinology. He is also involved in improving educational capabilities of primary schools surrounding the Udzungwa Mountains National Park.


Sume Joachim Suchilila - Program Officer: Wildlife and Habitat Management

Sume Joachim is a graduate from College of African Wildlife Management, MWEKA and he attained Advanced Diploma in Wildlife Management and did many researches on wildlife ecology and tourism. He did a Research in Ngoro ngoro Conservation Area focusing on Tourist Willing to Pay, basically he was curious to know the price flactuation (i.entry fees & guiding fees etc)  corresponding to the willingness of the tourist to pay (afford) for it.

He is also competent on the all issues concerning with Anti-Poaching Strategies and Tactics,as he worked with the Friedkin Conservation Fund, FCF for quite sometime before joining Wanyama Pori Foundation, WPF.

His knowledge and attitudes towards wildlife conservation and habitat restoration is real amaizing, working with communities at all levels, his political will and committment on improving local people's livelihoods is real astonishing and valuable.