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Wanyama Pori Foundation

Wanyama Pori Foundation

Tanga, Tanzania


WPF welcomes volunteers from all over the world to come in Tanzania especially in Tanga region for volunteering on different activities including, awareness campaign towards sustainable wildlife conservation, collection of baseline data regarding both spotted-necked otter and clawless otter, environmetal education to both primary and secondary schools circumnavigating Protected areas such as Saadani National Park, Amani Nature Reserve and Usambara Mountains. Also vlunteers will have an opportunity to view Dolphins on the way to Maziwe Islands in Pangani Coastal Area where there is a breeding site for green Turtles. They will also have an opportunity to see Green turtles breeding sites, the newly hatchlings and can be  engaged in the conservation measures towards protection of Sea Turtles. 

The volunteeres also will have opportunity to pursue any activities they wish but pertaining to wildlife conservation through improving local people livelihoods, this might includes provision of food stuffs to marginalized groups in the villages, supplying clothes, books and reading materials to the school children for schools circumnavigating Protected Areas (PA's)

WPF welcomes all volunteers from anywhere in the world!

For more information., please write to;

Executive Director

Mohamed Aboud Kambi

wanyama.pori@gmail.com or kambissontroglodyte@gmail.com

Research and Documentation.

Wanyama Pori Foundation, WPF is here to welcome any individual(s)/ Researchers and Interns who are enthusiastic on conducting Reseraches in Tanga region. The researches title should be focusing on wildlife ecology and restoration, Habitat and Biodiversity conservation, Landscape and Ecosytem conservation, and GIS and Land-Use Planning conservation.

More over, WPF welcomes researches pin pointing on Sea turtles and Spotted-necked otter (Lutra maculicollis). WPF welcomes individuals from all over the world to come for this rare opportunity.

Welcome all.


Spotted-necked otter on the rock....

Picture taken from Rubondo Island National Park by Prof. Thomas Serfass et al (Otter specialist ans Scientist)


Spotted-necked otter with its young on the boulder (big rock) show socialization behavior with its newly baby..

Picture taken by Prof. Tomas Serfass et al; an Otter Specialist and Scientist in Frostburg State University.


Spotted-necked otter on the boulder investigating on shore....


Turtle on the way to sea..


Turtle in the sea along Pangani coast....


The newly turtles hatch lings, there is a breeding site around and artificial incubator for reproducing new turtles...


Green sea turtle in Pangani Coastal Area, its moving towards sea as it was on shore for sometime....