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Sustainable Environment and Economic Development Organization

Sustainable Environment and Economic Development Organization

Tanga, Tanzania

SEEDO is non profitable, voluntarily organization with number of projects; however, the planed one are: -

Tree planting project, Renewable energy project, Oil and Gas, saving and credit association project, bee keeping project, cave and culture preservation project.

The volunteer should have knowledge on;

Environment, agribusiness. Social/economic/community development knowledge ans planning and proposal development capacity

The organization needs to work with 2-3 volunteers who will at least work for 3 month to 1 year. The current activities are daily activities where they will report to field coordinator, Mss Susana Tarim.

Remember this is Community organization with voluntarily approaches/methodology, the volunteers will have not to come with high expectations. Besides, they have to use this opportunity to strengthen and build community confidence on fighting against community's challenges in income improvement.  

Currently, all project are conducted through contribution from different supporters and in kind. e think the alternative way is to use this volunteers opportunity to push up the activities.