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Sustainable Environment and Economic Development Organization

Sustainable Environment and Economic Development Organization

Tanga, Tanzania

The organization is started its activities as CBO since 2005 dealing with environment and caves conservation. Latter, registered as non-government organization under the ministry of community development, gender and children, in the section 12(1) of Act No. 24 of 2002 Tanzania law, with the following registration number ooNGO/00003917 of 17 June 2010.


  • The SEEDO organization managed to strengthen its members on Organization development and leadership skills, 
  • Managed to introduce itself to some of prioritized districts; Tanga, Mkinga and Muheza, and make awareness on its activities.
  • Organization now are conducting: - tree planting were 120,000 tree were planted in Kiomoni ward, 22 active community based groups form dealing with:- beekeeping, financial services, renewable energy, and business management, and
  • The organization managed to form CBO dealing with discovered new underground cave with more than 400ft long and 100ft high at Pande village, conducted study and sent report to the ministry of Natural Resources and tourism for verification.