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Environment Media Network(EMNet)

Environment Media Network(EMNet)

Kinondoni, Tanzania

Projects and Programmes implemented by EMNet


EMNet has implemented many projects which based in fishing sector like Advocacy campaign on Illegal Fishing and Consumer Based Advocacy Campaign on the Effects of Consuming Poisoned Fish.

 Advocacy campaign on the impact of Illegal Fishing

  • Advocacy campaign on the impact of illegal fishing is the one of the project which EMNet implemented,The Project was conducted in pembamnazi and  Somangira Wards.It was conducted due to rampant of Dynamite fishing which  taken place along the India Ocean and Lakes. The duration of the project   was for six months from January –June 2011.   The main Objective of the project was to ensure the contribution of fisheries to national economic growth,provert reduction and people’s live hoods is improved on sustainable basis.  The project implemented the number of activities include Conducting meeting with CSO’s and fisheries stakehoolders,producing Radio Programme on the Impact of illegal fishing, Published feature articles , printing brouchures and posters.Project was funded by the foundation for civil society. The Project achieved to give community knowledge and understanding on the impacts of illegal fishing,

Consumer Based Advocacy Campaign on the Effects of Consuming Poisoned Fish

  • The Project was conducted in Somangira and Pemba Mnazi Wards in Kigamboni, this project was based on consumer due to insufficient knowledge on the effects of consuming poisoned fish by consumer and the general public.The objective of the project was to increase the level of Awareness to fish Consumer and local government official resulted from consuming poisoned fish. The activities which were conducted are producing Radio programme,  TV adverts, Training with fish seller at Ferry International Fish Market.The Project achieved to give community knowledge and understanding on the impacts of consumed fishing.Also the Project funded by WWF-TCO

                                                                                                                                         ENVIRONMENTAL JOURNALIST TRAINING

  • Strengthening Capacity of Environment Journalists on Policies in Sectors of Fishing, Forest and Wildlife.This project conducted for three months from September 2011 to January 2012 Funded by WWF- CSOP. The Objective of the project was to ensure Environmental reports are well reported by environmental journalist.
  • The activities  were implemented are   trainings to Journalist on forest, wildlife and fisheries policies and Laws.The training was divided in two groups the first group was in dare s salaam and the second training was Arusha,Dare s salaam trained 16 journalists also arusha trained 16 Journalists,Apart from training a number of articles published also Radio programmes aired at TBC Taifa


  • HIMADA is the one of Piloting REDD+project in Tanzania, In HIMADA Project, day to day running and coordination of the Project is carried out by Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania (WCST) in close collaboration with FBD,Environment Media Network-EMNet  and other partners each to deliver an expected output.
  • Hifadhi Mapafu ya Dar es salaam (HIMADA) is a four years project funded by Norwegian Embassy which is now on the Second phase of implementation,this project is in Kisarawe and Ilala district. it’s goal is to ensure Pugu and Kazimzumbwi Forest Ecosystem is properly managed, supports surrounding community livelihood and provides ecosystem services.
  • in this project,EMNet is implimenting output 4 which based on Advocacy,Education and Awareness campaigns. its objective is to improved knowledge and awareness of key stakeholders of Pugu and Kazimzumbwi is enhanced to sustainable management of the forest