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Environment Media Network(EMNet)

Environment Media Network(EMNet)

Kinondoni, Tanzania





A country with communities managing resources sustainably and equitably



To use environmental journalism profession as a tool to inform most vulnerable communities with messages that address their critical shared natural resources and environmental problems, so that they are inspired and take action for their social change.



Team building, integrity and accountability

Members of the Network work together to execute duties and responsibilities entrusted on our Working Groups to maintain highest ethical and professional standards.


 There are four main objectives: -


1. Raise public awareness on environmental issues through local and international media

2. Promote initiatives, approaches, technologies and techniques which support environmental


3. Increase citizen participation in local government planning and budgeting of resources on

     environmental related priorities

4. Promote gender equality in natural resource management and share for the betterment of

     Households’ economy and the country

EMNet’s approach

EMNet recognizes the importance of addressing environmental problems at national and international levels. EMNet’s approach therefore, is to work with local communities, NGOs, research institutions, and government officials in realizing sustainable development. In doing that, EMNet works with other stakeholders to raise awareness through media and clarify thinking at all levels on the dissemination aspects of environmental information and lobby for legal and policy changes especially in the area of forestry, fisheries, and  wildlife .

In this regard, EMNet has five major programmatic areas namely:

·      Information gathering and dissemination; 

  •  Socio Research;

·       Advocacy;

·      Publications, Information Dissemination and Networking;

 Strategic Environmental Communication

Strategic Environmental Communication starts by involving the people affected by environmental problems in the decision making process.


Environmental communication project of EMNet uses expertise from the field of behavioural change, social marketing communication, education and community participation to motivate people to practice environmentally sound behaviours.


EMNet meets its objectives effectively and with greater citizen participation by

·        Building public support for environmental polices


·        Persuading national decision makers to adopt new environmental polices.


·        Strengthening the capacity of municipality leaders, NGO’s ,and community-based organisations to manage natural resources sustain ably


·        Developing partnership among government, local communities and NGOs


·         Motivating private business to adopt cleaner production technologies


·        Increasing support for national parks and biodiversity conservation among populations near the parks, business leaders and entrepreneurs.


·        Enabling farmers to adopt technologies and practices for sustainable agriculture.


·        Encouraging environment-friendly behaviours such as conserving and protecting water sources, changing harmful fishing techniques. and preventing forest fires.