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Environment Media Network(EMNet)

Environment Media Network(EMNet)

Kinondoni, Tanzania

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Third year of Young Environment Trainees (YET) at EMNet

For three consecutive years EMNet has been hosting two Young Environment Trainees from WWF CSOP program. EMNet is appreciating the contribution of these young graduates in different programs that has been implemented by EMNet. Their staying at EMNet bring a lot of success and experience sharing, 2011 EMNet received two interns, Ms Ruth John graduate of History and Archology and Lina James graduate of Sociology both from University of Dar es salaam.

The Young Environmental Trainees Programme (YETs) is one amongst sub programmes within the programme of strengthening of civil society organizations. The five-year program which recruits university students from different disciplines started in the year 2009. The students are recruited by considering their interest in environmental management, particularly in the three areas of fisheries, forestry, and wildlife management. The program was initiated and is organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

The programme focuses mainly on empowering and influencing youth to become agents for change in their various engagements. It is expected that they will be the catalyst of sustainable development in their localities even after the internship.

Here is their experience of staying at EMNet from 07 March 2011 until the end of their internship on 08th December 2011  



 Young environmental trainee (YET) for 2011 training was officially inaugurated  on 07th March 2011 whereby it consisted of not only different Tanzanian fresh graduates  from different universities but also who are attached to  different civil society  organizations dealing  with conservation of natural resources and the  environmental in particular.  I was attached to EMNet (Environment Media Network) as my host organisation.

Basing on this program, I got the skills on how to intervene and mobilise community. With evidence I managed to use that skills in participating on implementing the REDD (Reduced Emission for Deforestation and Degradation) pilot project at Pugu and Kazimzumbwi Forest Reserves. Through the skills I got from the training I also managed to mobilise and awawereness creation to communities living near these forests reserves about conserving Pugu and Kazimzumbwi forest reserve. Also I learnt on how writing good and quality report, this will be approved with different progressive report that I wrote and submitted to madam Delphine and Vickie as well those report submitted to my supervisor.

Furthermore I got enough skills on writing good and quality articles so to verify that, I managed to wrote different article related on environmental issues and being posted on make it happening blog. Also I learnt on how to manage time and being accountable on accomplishing my works on time at both individual and organizational level.

In addition, I acquired knowledge on doing animation and recap as I was the one who are doing the recap on the Journalist’s trainings on the forest and fishing policy and laws which was prepared by EMNet.

 I expect on keeping the courage of being change agent on whatever I do. Not only to be change agent but also to be a good leader who are ready to face challenges and find out a remarkable solution. Moreover I will make sure to maintain the spirit of having a positive attitude and hardworking as I already learnt from the training.

Honestly basing all those trainings, I have acquired more knowledge and skills which will enable me to be more practical and realistic. I take this opportunity to thanks WWF for taking their valuable time thinking on providing that potential training for us. I also thanks Ms-tcdc (Arusha) particularly Madam Delphine Mugisha and her team for making sure that we are able to fulfil our goal and objectives of being a change agent. Moreover I give thanks to EMNet for accepting me as intern basing on that opportunity I learnt  many different things concerning on doing advocacy and sensitization as well as giving warmly thanks to my fellow Yet 2011 for their commitment  and cooperation  on group assignments and discussions. I recognize that, the presence of my fellow YETs gave me courage and strength of looking forward always.



 As human being we always in the state of learning process, everyone has in needs  to  gain different skills, share knowledge, experience and challenges which societies experience in their daily life. Engaging in the YET program, it exposed me to a different skills related to environmental issue which I couldn’t be able to acquire elsewhere except from this training, I can say I am not the same person anymore.

Since the day I first stepped at the MSTCDC centre and start working at EMNet as intern, my history changed a lot, i learnt a lot of stuffs. I will not be able to mention all of them here but I will mention just few interesting lesson that I learnt through my training and the organisation which I was attached to, firstly working as team is one of the lesson changed me much, as a change agent you cannot do everything on your own there is a point you must need a help so as to accomplish a certain task that will lead to achieve a certain goal.

Other thing is how to work with local community, this was so interesting since i went to the different fields like Kisarawe, Pugu, Chanika, Maguruwe, Kazimzumbwi, Somangira, Pembamnazi and Babati district to  integrate with different villagers  who had some successful stories to tell us concern environment,Ayasanda was one village which was at Babati, it was a big shock of what we found at Ayasanda village, we found a old man by the name of Mr Joachim who own his private forest which later on brought many  benefits to all surround the village they got items such as water, firewood pasture for livestock and even timber making, from Mr. Joachim I learnt how to generate tangible benefits from our environment without depend much on employed activities .

I learnt a lot on climate change, mitigation and adaptation mechanisms like REDD+, by participating with EMNet in implementing REDD piloting project in Pugu and Kazimzumbwi forest reserves. In this project EMNet is implementing output four which is communication and awareness creation, other partnering organisations are Wild life Conservation Society of Tanzania (WCST), Forest and Beekeeping Department (FBD), Lawyer’s of Environment Action Team (LEAT),University of Dar es salaam Business School and Sokoine University of  Agriculture.

I thank a lot my host organization EMNet for experience that i have gained from them, WWF CSOP for accepting me in the program and finally special thanks for MSTCDC for theoretical, practical and field experience i gained, I believe it’s hard to get them anywhere  

By  Ruth John -EMNet

June 20, 2012
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Comments (1)

Paul E. Paul (Dar es salaam) said:
Good job.EMNET.

Habarini za kazi,napenda kuupongeza uongozi wa EMNET kwa kazi nzuri ya kuwa na YET katika ofisi yao.
Pamoja na hayo nami naomba kuwa mmoja wa YET katika ASASI yao.

nawatakia kazi njema,na mungu awabariki.

naitwa Paul Paul,wa Dar es salaam.
June 20, 2012

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