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Bright Light Organization

Bright Light Organization

Geita, Tanzania


Bright Light Organization is located at Geita District in Geita Region. Geita's main economic activity is mining, there is plenty of Gold and Copper in this place so the majority of the Comunity engage themselves in small scale mining and most of them are children under (18) eighteen years of Age. So as the Organization which main concern is children's rights and well being we are conducting projects on stopping / minimizing children,s Labour in mines.

Mining works and activites requires safety and knowldge because they are among risky activities together with industrial and construction works, but these children lack both safety knowledge and risk assessment knowledge, hence it becames risk to their health and their life as whole.

We are going to give education and awareness on risks of children labour/ engagement in mining. We have both local and international partners, locally we have New Light Children Center Organization (NELICO), Geita Gold Mine (GGM), CODERT and Internationally we have Canada and we do work hand in hand with our partners to serve our Community, community's welfare is something we work so hard for.

Bright Light seeks for local and International Volunteers, we offer so many opportunities for voluntary work, prior work experience is absolutely not required to become a volunteer. We are doing projects on educating the society about women and children rights, to stop women humiliation, discrimination and elimination. Our next project will be to identify all children with disabilities who are under ten.

Volunteer opportunities allows volunteerism not only provide beneficial aid and service to the Community, but also gain new insight in culture and new environment. Volunteerism will meet new people, live in new environment and provide meaningful support to those that need it the most.

Our International volunteers will live together with the community in order to experience and enjoy culture and language of a beautiful country Tanzania.

You are warmly welcome.

For more information please dont hesitate to contact us.

Project coordinator: Mgalla Mgini

                             P.O Box 336

                             Geita, Tanzania, East Africa

                             Mobile: +255714 886 519

                             Email:   mgallitokb@gmail.com



Executive Director: Mathew Daniel

                            P.O Box 336

                            Geita, Tanzania, East Africa

                            Mobile:   +255757 462 852

                                         +255716 462 852

                            Email:     brightlightorg@yahoo.com


                            Website: www.envaya.org/brightlight

April 2, 2015
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