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Walio Katika Mapambano na AIDS Tanzania-Manyara

Walio Katika Mapambano na AIDS Tanzania-Manyara

babati, Tanzania


Walio Katika Mapambano na AIDS Manyara is a Non-Government Organisation as a branch of WAMATA Tanzania fighting against HIV/AIDS.Our office is located at Nyunguu Street near Regional Imigration office at Babati Town council,the headquarter of Manyara Region.

WAMATA -Manyara has a constitution and elected democratically nine board members and their names are;

1.Kenneth Shemdoe -Chairperson

2.Aieka   Macha -Vice Chairperson

3.Victoria Ayo   -Secretary of the Board

4.Erasto Kweka   -Deputy Secretary

5.Pascal  Lujuo -Treasurer

6.Aloyce  Mabula -Deputy Treasurer

7.Hadija  Matola  -Member

8.Peter Qwaray  -Member

9.Degratius Galus -Member

Lastly we have one office attendant who volunteers,her name is Jane Beda.

The activities we are doing since our branch started are as follows;

1.Seminars on fighting against HIV/AIDS for four wards in Bagara,Babati,Riroda and Kiru but we are still continuing for the rest wards if we will get fund.

2.Voluntary Councilling and Testing -We have done for more than six hundred people around Babati.

3.Home Base Care-We have done for more than two hundred patients around Babati.

Since we started this branch August,2007 up todate,our sources of fund are ;

1.Members contribution.


3.Some supports from WAMATA Headquarter.

WAMATA Manyara has five hundred members who comes from Katesh-Hanang,Mbulu,Babati Rural and Urban and Kondoa- Dodoma.

WAMATA Manyara Since we started our branch,we have secured grant twice from one donor only who is The foundation for Civil Society.The first grant was the small grant which we secured Tshs.5,000,000/=only in 2009 na the second grant is Tshs.40,426,000/=only in 2010/2011 and we are still implementing the project of fighting agaist HIV/AIDS.

Also we have send our Expression of Interest to SAT-Tanzania to get the partnership on building capacity to our organisation.

Lastly this on May,2011 we were among of nine HIV/AIDS NGOs selected by TACAIDS Tanzania to get the 2011Kilimanjaro Challenging Fund from Geita Gold Mine Tanzania,and we Have a promise of Tshs.10,000,000/=only as a part of implementing HIV/AIDS programs at Babati and the entiry Manyara Region.

WAMATA Babati Manyara we are working in a hardship situation because we do not have staffs to our office we are working in a volunteering bases,we have a one office which we are renting.We do not have transport facilities for the remote ares.So far we are trying to overcome these situations by interracting with different people within and across our country border.

  We are inviting everybody to share with us through our website,mobile phones and e-mail.


Kenneth Shemdoe