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Sustainable Investments and Development Initiatives

Sustainable Investments and Development Initiatives

Mwanza, Tanzania

Emergy Povert Free- The UK foundation works to promote social economic development being works with in women's empowerment

KLJB Diocese of Paderbene -The Germany Diocese that works with SIDI in youths poverty reduction and environmental conservation

OnWay Trust-The Scotland based indegenous trust works with SIDI to depoly bio-energy sufficienty in Masailanad to eliminate the challenges brought by climate change affects rural communitties includes Masai people

Land O Lake-Tanzania wing works with SIDI to depoly and emphasize the importance of bio gas in Morogoro region to help women to improve food security by saving time and improving own  health and poverty reduction

Pysbetaraion church-The USA based church works with SIDI to promote food security and reduce hunger among women 




bio gas fittings at Masai households at Melela, Morogoro, Tanzania


Open demonstration has being the key training factor in social awareness raising and most people have being responds postvely


Cooking by bio gas is the essential benefits to women in saving time and engages in other social economic activities


Bio gas is only sustinable and cost effective energy to benefits the people, protect forest and sustain women's health


Quality education is among the key concern to addrress on child's rights and need