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Kasulu -Kigoma, Tanzania

Mydia-Tz is doing projects in three aspects of Education & Protection, Livelihoods & Agriculture and Health (WASH, SRHR & Nutrition)

1. Education and Protection

Promoting Quality education to children and youth at their respective primary and secondary schools.

The approach used under this sector is by strengthening existing systems to attract children and youth attend schools, provide and/maintain SWASH services, capacitate teachers especially on science and Information technology subjects. We are working, among the schools with "Kabanga disabilities schools" where most of the Albino children are used to study and stay.

On the other hand, the organization provide trainings and workshops on civic education and life skills. For out of school youth, the organization engage them into vocational training as an alternative way to use the obtained skills for their income generation.

2. Agriculture and Livelihoods

Consultancy on good farming practices and capacity building on income generating activities and poverty alleviation to youth.

The organization under this sector provides knowledge to the youth on good farming practices, adding value on the agricultural products and acting as an intermediate link between;

a) Farmers and agricultural companies for agriculture inputs and consultations

b) Farmers and the market, for sustainability of their projects and income generation

c) Influencing and facilitating proper and effective use of the agricultural resources and opportunities present (cultivation including hot-culture/green houses, livestock keeping, beekeeping and fish farming), for income generation and poverty alleviation.

Entrepreneurship and other Income Generating activities

3. Health, WASH and Nutrition

a) The organization facilitates sanitation and hygiene promotion.

It provides some facilities and education to the youth concerning sanitation and hygiene to eradicate diseases eruption and transmission. Efforts are put to ensure the environment is general clean.

The organization responds on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene challenges facing the community in order to improve the situation, i.e. to end the national water, sanitation and hygiene crisis by improving water systems and making sanitation facilities like toilets as well as promoting basic hygiene practices in the communities.

Youth and children are reached in their respective schools as well, through formed hygiene and sanitation groups, while the other youth out of Scholl are reached at their households levels.

b) However, Mydia-Tz provides Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights to adolescent youth in and out of schools. The organization also does "social behavior change communication" projects focusing on HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Family Planning.

c) The organization implements projects to reduce Malnutrition to both children and youth, through advocating proper use of balanced diet. In schools especially, we promote and facilitate school gardens (supplementary feeding) to eradicate malnutrition as most boarding schools feed on common foods.

d) Awareness on both Epidemic and Pandemic diseases

Note: Most of the projects that needs communication and sensitization to the community are implemented through organized sports Bonanza (Sports, Games and Cultural heritage), a successful platform to bring youth and the community at large together.