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Dar Es Salaam , Tanzania



Elizabeth Missokia

Secretary of the Board/Current Executive Director

Elizabeth Missokia is an activist in the education sector for a long time. She has bachelor degree in sociology and masters degree in economy and social development. She has done many researches with Care International organization since the year 1996 to 2004 at department the department of education to girls. After that, she joined with USAID in which was gender issues consultant. Currently, she uses her experience she got from those organizations in building capacity to teachers and drilling wells in move to develop HakiElimu. She has been a stakeholder of HakiElimu since had been introduced 10 years ago, and in the year 2007 she was appointed as its Executive Director. Her major desire is to bring great development than where she had worked before. She calls on her fellow women to stand up and defend their rights because they were of the same quality as men. However, she admits that culture and traditions hinder most women from coming up in giving their contributions. “Since it is not must for an activist to have higher education, and I have seen such women who have come up to be activists, though they encounter some challenges,†she says. Speaking over involvement of women in politics, Ms Missokia says it is not must that there should be favour for women for them to reach 50 per cent of all members in the parliament; the importance is to look at women's ability.

Liliyan Omary

Executive Director's Secretary

Liliyan Omary works as an Assistant to the Executive Director. Her work experience is in administration and office management, and she enjoys her job. Ms. Omary worked with the Tanzanian Plantation Company in Moshi before joining HakiElimu in May 2007.

Elisante Kitulo

Program Officer

Charles Mtoi

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Charles Mtoi works as a Monitoring and Evaluation specialist with experience in program planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting. He has extensive experience in preparation of Performance Monitoring Plan, developing Monitoring and Evaluation trainings; he also has experience in Organizational and Institutional Capacity Assessment. He has worked for a number of local and international NGOs.

Robert Mihayo

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Robert Mihayo joined HakiElimu in January 2006. He has graduate and post-graduate training in various disciplines such as public administration, law, international relations, librarianship, information science and business information management from local and foreign universities. Before joining HakiElimu he was Chief Editor of the Business Times, a business, financial and economic weekly. Prior to that he worked with the University of Dar es Salaam and the British Council. Mr. Mihayo has a flair for reading, writing, public speaking and communication in general. He has written extensively on social, economic, business and politics in both local and international media. At HakiElimu, Mihayo?s work focuses primarily on seeking to ensure that HakiElimu produces appropriate and relevant information resources primarily for ordinary Tanzanians as well as providing space for the public to express their views on issues relating to education, democracy, accountability and human rights. Mr. Mihayo also coordinates the writing of two weekly columns, Kauli Mbadala and Hard Questions, in Kiswahili and English respectively, which appear in the Mwananchi and The Citizen newspapers in that order.


Nyanda J. Shuli


Nyanda Shuli works at HakiElimu as a Manager for the Media Program. He is naturally an activist, and he demonstrated this in every work he did prior to joining HakiElimu. He joined HakiElimu in 2005, having worked as a journalist for The Citizen newspaper. Before that, he served as a teacher, only to realize that he has to devote his time to advocate for good living and working condition of teachers country-wide, for he believes that improved quality of education in Tanzania will only be a possibility if satisfactory and deliberate investment is made on teachers. Nyanda, who is also a professional teacher, holds a Bachelor of Arts with Education (BAED), and Master of Communication (M Comn). His work at HakiElimu include: developing awareness campaigns and advocacy materials, managing and maintaining HakiElimu?s media relations, coordinating and managing production of creative messages, among other things.


Annastazia Rugaba

Program Officer

Annastazia Rugaba is a program officer in the Media Unit. Her overall responsibilities are to facilitate and provide support to HakiElimu?s media work and cultivate functional relationship with key media outlets. She holds a BA (Hons), in Mass Communication from the University of Dar es Salaam (2007). Before joining HakiElimu, Annastazia worked for six organizations and associations as an employee and a volunteer, demonstrating high capability on leadership, communication, facilitation and presentation skills; also managing and coordinating community projects with relevant national and international strategies and frameworks in areas of Human rights, Children, women, Youth, HIV/AIDS, and rural poverty issues at both national and regional level. Annastazia has a strong belief that Tanzanians will enjoy being Tanzanians if the investment on children and young people?s quality education will be an existent priority.

Benedicta Mrema

Program Officer

Benedicta Mrema is a Public Relations and Advertising B.A Degree holder from the University of Dar es Salaam. She is a Program Officer ? Publications, in the Information Access Unit. Her overall responsibility is to support the program manager and staff to plan, organize implement, monitor and document activities which essentially intend to make Tanzanians better informed, mostly on education and democracy issues; also design, conceptualize and develop various publications on HakiElimu?s themes in reflection to the vision and mission of the Organization. She has aspiration in seeing Tanzania transformed from one stage of life to a better stage, which provides equal opportunities for all Tanzanians. Before joining HakiElimu, she worked with various organizations as an employee and volunteer and she effectively delivered the potentials she had on leadership, communication and presentation skills, planning, managing and coordination of community programs in areas of HIV/AIDS and Youth. Her overall responsibility was to prepare, produce and present various programs on HIV/AIDS preventions and behavior change interventions among the youth in and out of school. She also attended various seminars/workshops on HIV/AIDS and leadership. She worked with Tanzania Youth Alliance TAYOA as Production Officer, Capital Promoters International CPI, as Public Relations Officer with overall responsibility of handling clients, events and ensuring good media coverage of events. She worked with WAPO RADIO FM, as Volunteer charged with a responsibility of producing and presenting various educative programs about social, political and economic affairs. That includes interviewing various experts on these issues.

Abraham Lazaro

Program officer

Abraham Lazaro holds a BA in Mass Communication from the University of Dar Es Salaam. Before joining HakiElimu in January 2010, he worked with Vodacom as M-Pesa Coordinator. Prior to this he worked with Population Services International (PSI) and Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism as an Intern in Communication. At HakiElimu he enjoys demonstrating his creativity on production of media spots.

Vicent Mnyanyika

Program Officer

Vicent Mnyanyika is a trained journalist and an activist; he is a graduate with a bachelor degree in Mass communication (Hons) from the University of Dar es Salaam. Before joining HakiElimu in January 2010, he was a senior journalist with The Citizen newspaper. Prior to his work he happened to be a Television reporter with the Nation Television (NTV), a reporter with The Daily Nation based in Nairobi ? Kenya as an intern. He had also worked as a presenter with the University of Dar es Salaam?s radio station Mlimani FM and a communication and public relations Attachment at the parliament of Tanzania in Dodoma. He has also written extensively in the local and international media on social, economic, political and business issues.? At HakiElimu, he works as a program officer ? Media with his duties being maintaining HakiElimu?s media relations, improve the quality and quantity of media coverage and investigative journalism by supporting journalists to undertake media surveys and organizing trainings to journalists.

Edwin Mashasi

Program Officer

Edwin Mashasi graduated from University of Dar es salaam with a B A in Mass Communication, and he was trained at the Kenyatta University on Leadership and Development.? In April 2010, he joined HakiElimu as? a Program Officer - Information Access, responsible for producing popular publications. Previously he worked with the Association of Radio Maria Tanzania as an Intern (Promotion Department), NGOs Resource Centre, a project of Aga Khan Foundation as Program Officer: Communication and Documentation and Shake Hands Youth Organization as Program Officer - Information and Networking. He has also participated in several seminar/ workshops on Monitoring and Evaluation for civil society organization (CSOs) facilitated by Aga Khan Foundation and Practical Project Management facilitated by Media Focus held at Nairobi-Kenya. Other experiences include being part of the Editorial team for the YDP newsletter. He also worked as volunteer Football Organizer and Swahili Translator for the ?drug abuse tournament? organized by VSO (UK), held in Zanzibar, also a volunteer at the Zanzibar Youth Forum (ZYF) as Communication Consultant, and lastly participated in the voluntary community work in Gatundu District - Kenya to treat community members who were affected by jiggers.


Rosemary Mwenda

Program Assistant

Rosemary Mwenda holds a Certificate of Secondary Education and Full Secretarial Course. She works at HakiElimu as a Program Assistant.? Before, she worked with The Savings and Credit Cooperation League of Tanzania as a Personal Secretary to the Regional Manager (Mbeya). Having joined HakiElimu in 2007, she moved to the Media Unit in 2009; where she is? handling monitoring? of newspaper articles and filing of office documents.? She is also responsible for raising payments, making calls and publishing weekly cartoons. Before moving to the Media Unit she worked in the Information Access Unit as a Program Assistant dealing with publications and other activities as a Program Assistant.


Pius Makomelelo


Pius Makomelelo, who joined HakiElimu in February 2004, has extensive experience in strategic project/program planning, and monitoring and evaluation. He also has adequate knowledge of Participatory Community Development approaches; PRA/PLA, research skills, Project Circle Management, governance, Social Accountability Monitoring, Management of Development Organizations, and Logical Framework Planning/Analysis. Academically, Mr. Makomelelo is a graduate of the University Of Birmingham (UK) with an MSc degree in Poverty Reduction and Development Management. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Dar es Salaam.

Naomi Mwakilembe

Program Officer

Naomi Andy Mwakilembe joined HakiElimu in March 2009 as a Program Officer in the Citizen Engagement Unit. She is responsible for enhancing citizens monitoring and documentation of Friends? initiatives and case studies. Since she joined HakiElimu, she enjoys working with communities in defense of the plight of the disadvantaged in our society.

Agnes Mangweha


Agnes Mangweha is a librarian by profession. She joined the civil society sector in 1995. Ms. Mangweha joined HakiElimu in 2002 as a librarian.


Joyce Mkina

Program Officer

Joyce Mkina joined HakiElimu in November 2009 as a Program Officer in the Citizen Engagement Unit. She is responsible for recruiting and organizing Friends as a formidable social movement in the education sector. Ms Joyce Mkina is a Masters graduate of the Mzumbe University of Tanzania specializing in the science of development policy. She also has an advanced diploma in environmental planning from the Institute of Rural Development Planning in Dodoma, Tanzania. Before joining HakiElimu, Joyce worked with Tanganyika Christian Refugees Services as the Water and Sanitation Officer at Kibondo Refugees Camps; and with World Vision Tanzania as a Program facilitator at Sanya Area development Program. She has two significant publications to her credit: First: The Performance of World Vision in implementation of Water and Sanitation programs, Case study of Shambarai Water and Sanitation project (SHAWASA) and Constraints which are involved in adoption of Environmental Impact assessment in Mining companies. Second: The Case study of Protocol Mining and Exploration Services Ltd at Mwanza. Since joining HakiElimu, Joyce has been able to strengthen her capacity in terms of understanding key issues in education, governance, human rights and democracy. She is fond of addressing issues of social justice and the rights to education among the citizens, through the Friends of Education Movement. She enjoys community work, where there are so many policies and practice to be analyzed and briefs to be provided to decision makers.

Honoratus Swai

Program Assistant

Honoratus Swai holds a Bachelor?s degree in philosophy and religious studies. He joined HakiElimu in August 2008 having previously worked in the refugee?s camps under Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS) Mr. Swai?s work focuses on gathering public views and fostering debate through public essays and drawings. He enjoys disseminating information through HakiElimu?s publications, which aim to increase awareness and discussion on education and democracy issues.


Boniventura Godfrey


Godfrey Boniventura is the program officer on budget analysis, in the Policy Analysis and Advocacy Unit. He holds an M.A. in Economics (2008), and a B.A degree in Economics (2006). He has four years? professional experience in economic development work. As a budget analyst, his responsibilities comprise the following: analyzing government budget, conducting Public Expenditure Tracking Survey (PETS) and facilitating training on budget and social accountability monitoring tools to empower citizens at the grassroots in monitoring and evaluation of quality and delivery of services as well as influencing budget and policy processes at local levels.

Fausta Musokwa

Program Officer

Fausta Musokwa joined HakiElimu in 2006. Her professional focus lies in the use of information to transform and enrich people?s lives and she has over five years of experience working towards that within the media and civil society sectors in Tanzania. Her main areas of knowledge and interest are human rights, governance and access to information. Fausta?s role at HakiElimu involves monitoring and tracking key developments in human rights and governance towards promoting broader understanding and debate of these issues within the civil society, government and media as well as more widely.

Florige Kyelu

Program Officer

Mwemezi Makumba

Program Officer


Daniel Luhamo


Daniel Luhamo joined HakiElimu in 2002. He is a Certified Public Accountant-CPA and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy. His work experience in the Non-Governmental Organization sector began in 1995 when he began working with Aide et Action, a French International NGO.

Glory Mosha

Human Resources Coordinator

Glory Mosha maintains the smooth running of personnel services as well as the physical and social wellbeing of HakiElimu staff. Her core responsibility is to support the program managers in delivering the organizational outcomes. Ms. Mosha holds a Masters in Human Resources Management and a B.A in Public Administration.? She has also attended a number of short courses on new labour laws and their applications, and has successfully completed studies in performance-based human resource management.


Frederick Rwehumbiza

Administrative Officer, Procurement and Asset Management

Frederick Rwehumbiza graduated from Tumaini University with a Bachelor in Business Administration. Before joining HakiElimu, Frederick worked with various organizations attaining experience in management, marketing and administration. As an Administrative Officer, his work focuses primarily on ensuring procurement and asset management issues at HakiElimu are handled in accordance with general acceptable procurement and asset management policies. He has also participated in various short courses in Procurement and Human Resource Management.

Stephen Kasambo

Systems Administrator

Stephen Kasambo joined HakiElimu in June 2006. He supports the internal and external network infrastructure, the IT project management and server administration, and also provides technical support. His previous positions include Network and System Administrator at Mwananchi Communications Limited, and Helpdesk and Network Assistant Administrator at Soft-Tech Consulting Company. Mr. Kasambo holds a BSc. in Electronics and Communications from the University of Dar es Salaam, and MBA from University of Maryland. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional on Windows 2003 Server Administration and Maintenance and Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist.

Esther Kanijo Mashoto

Accounts Assistant

Esther Kanijo Mashoto holds an Advanced Diploma in Accountancy from the Tanzania Institute of Accountancy. Before joining HakiElimu, she worked with Tanzania Tea Blenders as an intern for three months. At HakiElimu Ms. Mashoto?s main responsibilities for the last five years include issuing of payments, maintain various finance registers, VAT exemptions follow ups and maintaining finance files in accordance with the finance regulations and administration policies of the organization. Accompanied with international accounting standard, Esther Mashoto is registered for CPA under module E. She attended a short course on taxation issues in Tanzania with special focus on the complex issues relating to Value Added Tax, customs and excise as well as income taxation.

David Kagondi

Administrative Assistant, Store Keeper

David Kagondi has secondary education and vocational training certificate in fitter mechanics grade III. He joined HakiElimu in April 2004 as Administrative Assistant/Stores. He maintains HakiElimu?s stores with publications and stationeries. Before joining HakiElimu, Mr. Kagondi worked with Kuleana Centre for Children Rights in Mwanza as a Storekeeper-Administrative Assistant since Feb 1996 to 2002.

Peter Tupa

Administrative Officer, Office Repair and Maintenance

Peter Tupa holds a B.A. in Political Science and Economics. . He is responsible for ensuring that the office is well maintained and is in good condition at all times to enable the smooth running of HakiElimu programs. Before joining HakiElimu, Mr. Tupa worked with both the Hifab International and Afriscan International companies for eight years as a Maintenance Coordinator.

Mariam Mwambalaswa


Mariam Mwambalaswa works as the Office Secretary and has extensive experience in office management, administration, communication, public relations and logistics. She is also the focal person for HIV/AIDS workplace intervention at HakiElimu.

Silyand Jeremiah

Administrative Assistant, Driver

Raphael Kalonga

Administrative Assistance

Peter Letema


Peter graduated from the University of Dar Es-Salaam Business School (UDBS) with a B.Com-Finance (Hons)) in 2010 and is currently taking his CPA Exams at Tanzania National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA). Before joining HakiElimu 2011, Peter worked at NSSF as an Intern Accountant. He also had a stint in the mining industry having worked as Production statistician at Williamson Diamond mine at Mwadui in Shinyanga region. Peter says working with HakiElimu has been such an interesting but also challenging experience. He believes in accountability and stewardship, and is happy in getting the job well done to make an impact on the organization and the country.